The Diaper Box

into 24/7 diapers by a magical box.

Chapter 1 by PupLeon43 PupLeon43

I woke up with a start, my alarm blared in my ear. With a groggy swing, I smacked my phone in attempt to turn it off, resulting in it just falling to the floor, playing loud as ever. I vocalized my disappointment with a weak whine, before huffing and rolling to the edge of my bed and searching the floor with my fingers. Unable to find my Houdini of a phone, I huffed again and peeked over the side, seeing my phone laying right where I thought I was searching. I flipped my phone face up and swiped the screen, finally silencing the infuriating device.

With the room now silent, I could hear the birds chirping from my window. Fully woken up from the phone ordeal I pushed myself out of bed, my blankets falling off my back, flopping onto the sheets as I stand up and stretch. I reached into my boxers and adjusted my cock, unsticking it from my balls before bringing my hand up and taking a curious sniff. the musk filled my nostrils and I gave a little cough.

"Yep, time to take a shower..." I murmured to myself, stepping through my room, past the pile of dirty clothes on my floor and out into my apartment's living room before turning right into my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and swished mouthwash while I waited for my shower to warm up. throwing off my boxers I stepped into the warm water, sighing with bliss as the steamy drops landed on my skin. I washed off my body with my favorite vanilla soap, and scrubbed my short hair, before rinsing off and stepping out, grabbing my towel to dry off.

Hanging the towel back up, I passively grab my cock again and give it a squeeze as I step out of the steamy bathroom, back into the Livingroom, before I found myself halted in my tracks. Before me, in the living room, was a weird chest I had never seen before, made of polished wood, and decorated with gold studs and a silver trim. "Where did this thing come from?" I ask myself, puzzled. I hadn't spotted it when I went to shower, but here it was. I wondered if maybe it had been delivered while I was in the shower, my nosy landlord had a habit of letting himself in without notice. It was never a serious problem, not that it didn't annoy me a little.

I reached out to the box, searching for any tape or latch, but there was none, just some hinges on one side. I grabbed what I assumed to be the lid and gently opened it up. The chest was empty, except for an envelope resting at the bottom. I reached in and picked ip up, closing the lid as I ripped open the envelope to find a letter inside.

"Congratulations Baby Boy!
I've chose you to be my new charge, from now on I will be taking care of you and making sure you're properly dressed, and behaving like the good little boy you are!
Whenever you need, open me back up and I'll have your outfit for you, all ready to go!
Welcome to your new life, Baby Boy.
-The box"

You furrowed your brow in annoyance. "What kind of lame prank is this?" I thought to myself. I casually tossed the letter on top of the chest and walked back to my bedroom. I opened up my closet, but I paused for a second. My closet was completely empty. I started opening drawers and frantically searching around my room, but even the pile of dirty clothes I had just walked by had disappeared. I ran back tot he bathroom, but found that even my dirty underwear I had just tossed to the ground had vanished as well.

Trying to think up a plan, I wandered back into the living room, to see the box again, the letter still sitting on top. I brushed it off before kneeling down in front of it, my balls brushing the carpeted floor, as I opened the box again, before shutting it quickly. There was something in there. I opened it again, opening it all the way this time, and looked at the object sitting inside. There was something resembling a diaper, with another paper sitting on top, no envelope this time. I reached in and opened it to read it, maybe it had some kind of answer for me?

"Dear Baby Boy,
Oh! I almost forgot, you can speak with me at any time by writing a letter to me, I can't wait to hear from you!
Here, put this on first, and then shut me again, the rest of your outfit will follow after I know that you've dressed properly.
Love you, Baby Boy
-The Box"

I picked up the padding, feeling it crinkle in my hands. I looked around the room, searching for someone to maybe be hiding just around a corner, ready to jump out and laugh at me, but I found the room to be empty. Looking back down at the diaper, I sighed, knowing that I was essentially out of options, before I got an idea. I shut the chest and set the diaper on the floor, waited a second, and opened the chest back up, hoping maybe I could trick the box, when I looked in, I saw another letter.

"Dear Baby Boy,
Nice try, put it on, THEN open me back up.
-The Box"

"Damn" I cursed myself, my attempt had failed. I stood back up with a sigh and stared down at the diaper on the floor. I leaned down and picked it up, before unfolding it in front of me. After staring at it for a second, wondering how I'd put it on, my body seemed to move on it's own, taking the side with the taped and placing it behind me, pining it with my butt to the wall behind me, before reaching down and taking the front up between my thighs, and holding it to my front, I swiftly took the tapes from both sides and fitted the diaper snuggly, before stepping away from the wall with a crinkle.

I looked down at myself, the thick white diaper budging between my legs, before I returned my attention the the chest, and opened it back up. Sitting there were two piles of clothes and a letter between them. I leaned down and picked up the letter.

"Dear Baby Boy,
Good boy! I'm so proud of you, doesn't that feel better?
Now, I'm going to give you a choice today, one I won't allow often, so today's special. on the left, I left you a pile of your normal clothes to wear for the day. except for those dreadful boxers, of course, and on the right I picked out a super cute outfit for you to wear! Now, it's up to you, pick what you want, but I would feel super happy if you would take the ones I picked for you. of course, it's all up to you!
Pick well!
-The Box"

Which pile do you choose?

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