The Date

Chapter 1 by jakkin jakkin

He's sitting on the couch with the toddler when she finally comes stumbling in the door, the keys having announced her arrival just moments before her entrance. The child looks up from her mound of stuffed animals and squeals happily to see that Mommy has found her way home. He, on the other hand, furrows his brows and just stares at the allotment of toys for a long, brooding moment. When he's ready to speak, it's with an even tone, "The sitter will be here in twenty minutes. I wasn't sure if you were going to show up or not."

Only after a few good tugs, she manages to weasal her keys out of the lock and swings it shut behind her. There, better. Straightening, she looks at him and the child with the arching of brows and a hazy sort of confusion. "So?" God she can be such a bitch at times, her mood swings as unpredictable as her fits of passion.

"So...." He follows up, dragging out the silence while he picks up some of the toys and rises to his feet. "I thought we were going out to eat tonight? You know, our date night?" His voice is hopeful, though already the sound of hurt can be heard nudging into his tone.

She snorts in response, even going as far as to roll her oddly colored eyes at him. "Oh right. I totally forgot all about that." Someone's been drinking, again. He isn't hard pressed to smell it on her when she comes roaming over and flops down on the couch. Already the baby is scrambling over to her, pulling herself up on Momma's leg and babbling nonsense

Just look at him, so handsome and caring all in the same breath. He may be lean and long of limb, but there's a hidden power there that's been glimpsed upon. She stares at him for the longest time with that smarmy lil smirk on her face. Her plan seems to be working quite well. She's been stealthily pushing his buttons for a week now, knowing it was going to take such to get him to do what she wanted. He loves her deeply, passionately, and without question. It made it all that much harder to get him to try some of her more seedy needs.

What happens next?

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