The Changeling

A Shapeshifter comes to earth and he's trying to repopulate

Chapter 1 by Wifelover18485 Wifelover18485

The war had been long between the changelings and the Ventari, the origins of the war were from concern that the changelings were breeding out their species as they had done to the Clemon on their homeworld centuries earlier. The changelings were a genderless race that should never have been evolved or increased in numbers to the level they did. How they evolved is unknown, perhaps they were made as a genetic experiment but noone knows.

They live for hundreds or thousands of years barring injuries or disasters, as they had no solid body usually they could mould themselves around projectiles and other things that would kill a mono-form (solid) lifeform.

It is believed that at one point there was only a handful of them on their homeworld that they shared with the Clemon, whom over an unknown amount of time they learned to impersonate the Clemon and eventually some of the Changelings formed romantic relationships with the Clemon Women and they then discovered that though amongst their own species they couldnt reproduce, they could with other species, the only problem was that in the early years they didnt understand enough about the biology of other species nor about reproduction. After a few years of breeding with the Clemon they found that when they were impregnating the women they were effectively putting several eggs into their Wombs that would one at a time release sperm to impregnate an egg and bring a child to fruition, they didnt know that they needed to control how many eggs they left in the women as they released too many into them and this caused every egg in the woman to be used for reproducing changelings and so the Clemon over a few decades began to run out of women to keep their species viable. Over a couple of hundred years they became extinct.

The Children produced emerged from the women 3 months after conception and in the first week of life they appeared exactly as a regular Clemon child but after that they seemed to learn their multi-form existence and once they became a changeling they became fully grown, and in possession of some form of genetic memory as they had the knowledge of those who came before.

After the Clemon were exterminated, albeit unintentionally, the Changelings were the only lifeform on the homeworld for many hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. During that time they studied what happened and learned about Monoform biology, they also studied science to learn how to travel away from their homeworld to increase their knowledge.

They built ships and explored their home star system and then established Colonies on the other worlds in their system, eventually they began to explore adjacent star systems and in time discovered other races. They had been exploring space for hundreds of years and had encountered many races when they encountered the Ventari, they attempted to form a peaceful alliance with them and this lasted for 20 years before the problems began. Several Ventari women had been having relationships with Changelings and unsurprisingly had began birthing changelings, the changelings hadnt disclosed the annihalation of the Clemon to the Ventari but during a archaeology dig on the Changeling homeworld the Ventari scientists found the ruins of them and when asked they Changeling archaeologist filled them in, this quickly went up the Ventari grapevine and they were concerned that history would repeat itself. The changelings had studied Ventari womens biology before the treaty and determined that they had 30 viable eggs in them, this information was disseminated to all changelings to ensure history never repeated itself, at most they'd leave 5 eggs in any women they mate with and spray a pheremone only other changelings could sense on them to ensure no other changeling later pumped more eggs into them.

The problem with Changeling eggs is that there is no birth control that stops them from creating life, they burrow into the walls of the womb making surgical removal impossible short of rendering women infertile, prior to the eggs being laid inside them they would spray a serum inside the women that was loaded with hormones causing the women to climax and their bodies to prepare for child bearing, the sperm in the eggs will seek out an egg even if its still in the ovary and drag it into the womb. The Changeling eggs communicate with each other so that only one is active at a time.

When the Ventari learned the truth they became convinced that the Changelings didnt disclose their history because they intended to repeat it, the fact that a few high ranking government members wives had affairs with changelings who had impregnated them didnt help when they refuted this and so the war began. The Ventari used a powerful beam weapon and glassed the surface of the changeling homeworld and a ground war began on the other colonies in that system resulting in the extermination of a large number of their species.

You were on a deep-space exploration ship when you got notified that the homeworld was under attack and headed back at full speed but by the time you arrived the homeworld was a lifeless rock and most of the system was in ruins or in battle. Your ship's arrival didnt go unnoticed and before your crew could react you were under attack by a dozen Ventari vessels, you were in a stasis pod (punishment for insubordination), the Ventari unleashed a radiation bomb against your ship and everyone else onboard was vaporised, the ships computer sensing the problem initiated an emergency hyperjump away and began to revive you. Stasis Pods are designed with heavy shielding for the occupants hence your survival.

As you were reawakening from stasis the ship drop out of FTL speeds and a loud thud indicated it had hit an atmosphere of a planet, Earth, the damage to the ships engines meant that it couldnt stop its descent into the atmosphere and it was on its way to crash land. The damage also meant your ship had jumped a significantly further distance than a normal jump (200 Light Years).

You made your way to the command center hoping to find the crew but nothing other than ashes, it was then that you saw impact was going to occur in under a minute you managed to alter the heading to enter an ocean, hopefully softening the impact to the ship and you did all you could to slow the descent and lessen the impact damage.


What's next?

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