The Catptians Cabin Toy

Sold into slavery aboard the Red Panther

Chapter 1 by gothamalleyviper gothamalleyviper

You sat in your room reading a book. You had returned home yesterday after being kicked out of the academy. A hell of a way to spend your nineteenth birthday. In the front room you could hear your mother walking around. The only other noise was the sounds of the rain on the tin roof. You try to ignore her pacing as you read. You had wanted to be a sailor like your parents had been all your life. The Academy was supposed to get you a place on a ship as a certified deck hand or a junior officer… But suddenly the head master had call you into his office and told you that you were expelled. He wouldn’t say why. There was a knock at the door but you ignored it since it was clear that your mother was waiting for it. You can hear your mother’s voice greeting the guest in the front room. You try to ignore them as they chatted.

“Honey! Please come say hello! It’s your Aunt Katy,” Your mother calls.

You frown. Aunt Katy wasn’t really your Aunt; she wasn’t even human. Katy was a Vampkat, a humanoid feline with fangs that extend past her the bottom of her muzzle and a short tail that extended half way down her thighs. You smile while picturing her in your mind; white belly and arms while her back was a red color and darker red stripes. Your mother had befriended her since she was now serving on the same ship as the one your mother and father had crewed. You had known her for years, but sometimes she still creeped you out. You knew that it wasn’t anything but sometimes it seemed like she would look at you like you were prey. It was the memory of her kissing you that caused you to wonder about yourself. Her short muzzle and long fangs, brushing against your cheek and her rough tongue running over your cheek. For some reason over the last few years you have had weird dreams about Aunt Katy. Recently it has been getting stranger and stranger. You know it is common for young adults to have dreams like those, but these starred the older Vampkat. The dreams were best described as pornographic.

“Honey! Come down and say hello,” your mother calls.

You shake your head, she would keep bugging you until you came down to smile and greet her. With a heavy sigh you stick a book marker to hold the page and close the book. Getting up, you stretch and groan as dramatically as possible to let them know you were coming. You make your way down stairs and you turn a corner you see two figures who looked like your mom and Aunt Katy. You blanche at the sight of your mom and her friend Katy. Your mom is wearing a skin tight latex mini-dress showing off the body that your guy friends lusted after to this day. “Aunt” Katy was clad in a tight light blue latex tail coat, black latex juniper pants, black heeled over the knee boots, and a black leather tricorn. What freaked you out was that the pair of them were kissing and groping each other.

“Have you been indoctrinated?” Aunt Katy asked when she broke the kiss with your mother.

“Yes, watch this,” Your mother smiled with a villainous grin, “Honey, Kneel like a good slave for Mommy!”

Your world becomes fuzzy as you fall to your knees and all anxiety leaves you.

“Such a good…”

Such a good...

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