The Bitchbreaker


Chapter 1 by MrHeracles MrHeracles

It's funny how popularity works. This time last year Richard Flynn was one of the more popular guys in school. He was the new guy and shrouded mystery. Before the end of the first semester there were dozens of rumors about him spreading around the campus. But that was before last years Junior-Senior basketball game.

The game itself was a joke. Five seniors from the varsity basketball team would take on a team of juniors voted in by the entire school. At some point the seniors would pull a prank on one of the overmatched juniors. For this game it was Richard. He didn't even play basketball, but one of the rumors about him was that he was captian of his old schools team. So he was voted in as the juniors ringer. For most of the game Richard looked the part. He surpised himself with his abilty to score. He kept the juniors close until the closing minutes on the game. That's when it happened. He was de-pantsed on an inbounds play.

That's when he became "No Dick" Rick.

This was his senior year and Rick swore was going to put "No Dick" behind him.

Where does Rick's origin take place?

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