Test Site No. 69

Test Site No. 69

Investigating a Monster Girl Sexual Research Facility

Chapter 1 by BurstEdge BurstEdge

It was a long, lonely drive. There were no sounds other than the rumbling of the motor and the tires running along the road. And the woman driving the car had a bored, melancholy expression on her face as she drove on.

"Some life I ended up with," she muttered. "Chasing phantoms and getting little in return." She let out a sigh as she continued driving. "Mom always said my libido would get me in a world of trouble. Guess she was right about that."

After a few more minutes of driving, she reached her destination: a large abandoned building with many broken windows, surrounded by a fence with numerous signs that forbid entry.

"Like that's gonna stop me at all," the woman said as she approached the fence and prepared to climb it. But before she could start, a voice stopped her.

"Hold on there. There is something you need to know."

The woman flinched slightly and turned towards the speaker, which was a voluptuous woman wearing a rather large cloak. Not that the cloak did anything to hide her submissive and breedable body.

"What do you want?"

"I know of your business, Nina Thrall," the woman said. "And I have but one thing to say to you: turn back and never return."

Nina flinched at at the mysterious woman knowing her name, despite never once telling her, but put it aside for the moment.

"I can't back out," she said. "I have a job to do here and no thicc weirdo is gonna stop me."

The woman was undetered. "I am warning you. There are things in that building beyond human comprehension. Just setting foot inside will forever rend your persception of reality."

"I don't care," Nina snapped. "Leave me the fuck alone before come over there and fuck your ass raw."

"Well... since you offered..."

The woman turned around and lifted her cloak, not only revealing she was naked underneath, but her ass was absolutely massive.

"Reconsider and I'll allow you to fuck my huge, fat ass~"

Nina widened her eyes and swallowed a lump in her throat. She did come here for a job... but was it really worth it? The one who gave it to her was kind of a bitch and gave her numerous hard times. Perhaps she could just skip the whole ordeal.

Should Nina fuck the mystery woman?

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