Try to keep your camp alive

Chapter 1 by Nomix Nomix

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"There it is..." Whispers a friendly voice as you feel a hand placed on your shoulder. You open your mouth to speak but quickly close your mouth and tap on the hand twice before getting down on one knee with your back flat against the wall

You then feel the friendly do as you did quickly and quietly behind you. Moments later, you hear grunting and groaning as something limps across the surface you are hiding under. You stay still and control your breathing until the noise of the footsteps disappear.

"Alright. Let's go..." you say as you begin to quickly move whilst still crouched so you don't make any noise.

"Got it..." he says as he copies your actions. You are able to see the barrel of his gun pointing across your shoulder as you both move.

Suddenly, you stop around a corner and he does too. You peep your head around the corner to take a look and see at least a dozen zombies mindlessly moving around the area.

"Quick..." you say and before you know it, the barrel lifts off of your shoulder and you watch as the friendly springs past quietly to the other side of the street.

You take a good look as the man runs across. He's clearly nervouse due to the sweat rolling down his dark skin.

Once he makes it, you do the same as him and sprint across. You too make it across without them detecting either of you.

"In here..." he says as he presses up next to a door. You then do the same on the other side and nod at each other.

He then grabs the handle of the door and pulls it open whilst you simultaneously enter the room.

"It's clear..." you say as you look around the room but you were wrong. In a matter of seconds, you feel something run against your body and take you to the ground.

You dropped your weapon as you are falling and are now using both hands to keep the zombie's mouth from biting into you. You struggle and struggle but feel it's saliva land on your face as it hungrily tries to devour you.

*Gun shot*

You hear a loud bang and watch as a bullet enters the zombies skull and leaves through the other end painting your face in blood. The thing then loses all strength and falls on top of you. You simply roll the body to the side and accept Dans hand as he helps you up.

"Thanks..." you say leading to both of you smiling at each other. Suddenly, you hear more growls and groans as footsteps are racing towards you.

"Fuck..." shouts Dan as he runs to the door and closes it before placing his back against it to keep the zombies from entering.

You look around and find a large wardrobe which you quickly run towards and begin pushing it towards the door.

"Move!" You shout impatiently before using the wardrobe to take Dans place in barricading the door.

"It's not gonna hold!" He shouts as you hear loud thuds against the door and the wardrobe begins moving due to the impact. You know this too so you look around for your gun.

Once you found it, you spring towards in and pick it up off the floor. You then run back to Dans side infront of the door and aim down your sight directly in front of you.

What's next?

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