Summer vacation

Gotta get to the sea!

Chapter 1 by peterbalboa peterbalboa

So, this is the day. Your friends and you planned this trip for almost haf a year, and now that summer vacation ishere, you are ready to start.

Your clique consists of eight guys, your best friends, some of which you've known since kindergarten. You borrowed two cars from some of your parents, packed them up with booze, some guitars and your boardshorts and soon you'll be on the road, heading right to the sea where your finca with your own pool awaits you.

But first, you have to decide who gets to take which car. First choice is a 2012 Audi A8 which your friend Tom borrowed from his dad, a lawyer. Of course, this car will make the trip comfortable and quick, although you still have to be prepared for an eight hour ride. The other car is a Renault Twingo, built in 1995, which Gary's mom gave to her son with the best wishes. It's not exactly the car to attract women, or anyone else. Although Gary says it will make it to the sea and back, there are doubts. Summing up, the trip will be less comfortable and longer, and could quite possibly become a disaster when someone goes over the car's limits.

Which car do you choose?

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