Suffering Sapho

Suffering Sapho

Stories of lesbian conversion

Chapter 1 by Overcharge Overcharge

Soooo before we start with the hot fetishy action, I've gotta say this is all a fantasy obviously, lesbians can't actually be turned straight.I'm just a trans dyke with a kink, I don't actually want to fuck a guy IRL.

So now that's over with on with show.We've got dykes to break and corny sex scenes to write.

Will mostly include canon lesbian characters though if any yuri ship strikes my fancy i may include the two girls getting dicked straight.

Expect some really dark fetishes though outside lesbian conversion i mean:I'm currently writing a chapter about Batwoman beying infected by an alien slug and it breeds in her organs so by the end she has slugs pouring out of her tits in droves.

Who's the lesbo we're converting today?

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