Stolen Glory

Stolen Glory

A group of thieves and the lives they live.

Chapter 1 by Sidian Sidian

The Matterhorn, while quite the seedy place, was the biggest and most well known Tavern in the Kingdom of Nixx. Whether you were a lowly peasant looking for a good time, a high priest of the church or even a violent murderer, this Tavern catered to everybody. It's one of the reasons it's the biggest Tavern in the Kingdom of Nixx, as long as you keep it civil and paid your tab, you are accepted here and authority will look the other way.

Drinking mugs clash in the distance as a group of five sit in the corner of the poorly lit section of the Matterhorn.

"Our last night of celebration!" Kalipto said. Kalipto was quite something to look at. Standing at 6'2" tall and 28 years old. He was sturdy, muscular and could handle a sword as best as anyone. Kalipto use to be one of the main guards for a kingdom across the ocean but after being treated poorly by his masters and having no end in sight, he decided to say fuck all kings and their kingdoms and took the next ship crossing over the ocean to the Kingdom of Nixx. Kalipto has short dark brown hair, blue eyes and some of the biggest hands a man could have. Scars cover his body, obviously due to the many battles and fights he's had to endure being a guard. The scars though, make him look even more dangerous. With many stories to tell, Kalipto is quite the ladies man.

"Tomorrow we steal, tonight we drink!" Vincent replied as he chugged down 1/2 his mug full of ale. Vincent and Kalipto were best of friends and it all comes from both having similar backgrounds. Vincent, at 26 years old and not as big, standing at 5'10" and a little less muscular, looked almost like he could be Kalipto's younger brother. Same dark brown hair, same blue eyes but his skin didn't have any noticeable scars. Vincent use to be a guard for the Church of Flare. After a tough days work the nuns would reward him with creams and salts to relax and repair his damaged skin. Even to this day, he often spends much of his fortunes on skin care products to keep up that soft glow.

"Alcohol thanks to the MatterHorn and Hallucinations thanks to Rivianne!" Kalipto smirked "Fuck yeah!"

Across the table, two women and another man, laughing and drinking.

Rivianne, a 28 year old was absolutely stunning and knew how to use her body to get things she wanted. Standing at 5'6", Blonde, shoulder length hair. Perfect big blue eyes. 34C breasts, curved hips and long athletic legs. Rivianne use to be a alchemist and thus knew how to brew up many different potions. Before she use to use them for good, healing, pain relief and sleep help but now she likes to mix in a bit of poison, aphrodisiacs or paralysis. When Rivianne wants to, she can make everybody in the room want to spend the night with her. She spends much of her fortunes on jewelry and keepsakes. When not on the job, she'll dazzle herself with ruby and emerald earrings, golden chains wrapped around her waist and stunning diamond bracelets. She is so beautiful she is often mistaken for royalty.

"Looking forward to a fun night!" Valerie, sitting next to Rivianne, a 20 year old, 5'4" vixen delightfully yells. Straight black hair down to her shoulder-blades, piercing hazel eyes, the perfect handful of 32B sized breasts and a nice toned athletic bum and legs. Valerie kept herself in great shape, constantly training to be able to take down anyone bigger or smaller than her. She excelled at using daggers and was very proficient at keeping you locked up by knowing just about every knot available. There was no escaping this beautiful deathtrap. The only fault at first glance on this gorgeous vixen - a noticeable scar traveling from below her left eye, across her cheekbone and almost all the way to her lower left earlobe. It's what's under her clothes that makes Valerie interesting. Hidden around her arms, her stomach, her shoulders, her hips are tattoos and etches that her former thieves guild branded her with. Long since fallen apart, Valerie tries her best to keep these memories hidden, hence why she tends to dress a little more conservative.

"Another poor sap lost his riches..." Zipex said as he stood up. "But!!! Instead of getting too drunk or grabbing the nearest whore, we must concentrate on the heist tomorrow!" Zipex was a little less muscular than the other two gentlemen of the group. He stood 5'8" tall, 31 years old and had a little extra pudge around his midsection. Zipex has greyish/white hair from all the stress he's had to endow and green eyes. He was a man of many words and his planning and preparation was matched by none. Zipex originally worked for the Grand Library of Teek where he studied many of the books and scrolls of ancient stories and wars. Zipex was a grand master in tactics and if he makes a plan, you stick with it because you know it's going to succeed.

Zipex finishes his drink and begins to discuss the plan for tomorrow night...

Start the Heist!

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