Sister Catfight

Two Sisters get into it

Chapter 1 by JingleheimerSchmidt JingleheimerSchmidt

It's a hot July day. There are two sisters hanging out in their house, Jena and Riley. Jena is 18,
5' 1", Chestnut hair, fairly skinny with B-Cup breasts and a small but firm ass. She's wearing a pair of pink and white striped panties and a black camisole. Her Sister Riley is 19, 5' 7", Strawberry Blonde, she has a very well toned body with D-Cup breasts, and a nice hand-full ass. She's is wearing a baggy t-shirt (No Bra) and a purple thong.

Their parents are on a "Second Honeymoon" and the girls have the house to themselves for a month. Neither of them had any plans, so they were just sitting around the house. Jena was getting bored, so she decided that it would be fun to dig through Riley's phone. Riley had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off, so Jena snuck in, grabbed the phone, and snuck out. She went downstairs into their basement, where her room and loft was. She plopped down on her couch and unlocked the phone. She decided to look through Riley's pictures; she had some very, "Interesting", shots. A lot over her and her previous boyfriends fucking, some nude selfies (probably also for boyfriends), and some especially naughty photos of her and her friend Lisa. "Hmm, didn't know Riley swung that way. Good for her", Jena said to herself quietly.

Suddenly there were heavy footsteps, "Jena, you fucking child! Did you steal my phone again?!" Jena heard Riley yell from the top of the stairs. Jena quickly shoved the phone in the couch cushions, "No! Why would I do that?" Jena yelled back. Riley stormed down the stairs, "Because you take great pleasure in pissing me off. Now give it back". Jena shrugged, "I don't have it". Riley puts her hands on her hips, "My ass you don't. Now give it".

What Does Jena Do?

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