to move into an all male fraternity

Chapter 1 by DandD DandD

This isn't how you imagined things going when you first applied to college. It certainly can't be how anyone would imagine their first semester going. Instead of attending class well rested after a comfortable sleep in your grandfather's spare room you've been roughing it out of your car for the last 2 weeks. This isn't how things were supposed to happen. When you first applied the intention had been to stay in a dorm or nearby apartment. However, after your mother's unexpected passing this past summer you had to quickly readjust. Thankfully, your paternal grandfather happened to live not too far from campus and was more than happy to have you stay over. That is what you had thought at least until 2 weeks ago when you showed up only to find his daughter already there and quite at home. Too embarrassed to point out your grandfather's faulty memory and double booking you assumed you could just wait out her stay. That is until you learned of the reason behind it - her own home being under a long and extensive renovation with an ever extending end date.

By then it was far too late to request any type of refund and squandering your mother's hard earned money was out of the question. So now, here you find yourself with no other current option but to sleep in the very car that brought you here. It honestly hasn't been that bad all things considering. After all, you still have access to the dormitories' bathrooms and laundry rooms. The only issue is making sure you don't get caught as you're certain there's some type of 'anti-loitering' rule or whatever they'll want to call it. Thankfully, after some searching you were able to locate a rather remote parking spot in the very back of the lot behind what seems to be some type of shed or storage unit. Whatever the structure is, it provides shade and obstruction from peering eyes. After a couple of weeks of retiring there every evening without intrusion you begin to grow fairly comfortable.

Today has been a long day, you were late to your first class which ended up throwing the whole day's rhythm off and it feels like you barely accomplished anything. You know it's only your second week but you're determined to do everything not only to make this work but to also pass with high grades. After all, it was one of the last things you promised your mother, that you wouldn't put her hard work to waste. Sighing, you wearily stretch in the backseat of your small sedan. Awkwardly, you twist yourself at an uncomfortable angle in order to pull your shirt over your head. A moment later you're leaning forward as you fumble with the clasp of your bra for a moment before it finally complies and falls away. An unexpected yawn suddenly escapes your mouth as you fumble around in search of the t-shirt you intend to change into. As you're reaching around something in your peripherals suddenly catches your attention and you turn sharply to look.

A steely pair of eyes stare back at you from the other side of the glass. Too stunned to speak at first, all you can do is watch as the gaze slowly slides down towards your exposed bosom before returning to meet your now self-conscious face.

"Go away!" Is all you can think to blurt out as you quickly move to cover yourself.

You can hear footsteps move away as your searching hand finally comes into contact with your t-shirt. A deep blush has settled over your face once it's on and you've had a moment to register exactly what happened. Though you hadn't been able to make out the unexpected viewer's face, you're certain you won't be able to forget those eyes anytime soon.

What's next?

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