Shameless Anime Parody

The entire genre, no shame

Chapter 1 by LukeMason LukeMason

Marco could feel something was odd as he got off the bus, though he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

He looked down at his arms while he walked. They were the same shade of brown he remembered, or at least, the parts that weren't covered by the long sleeves of his uniform were.

The same skin color. The same hands at the end, with the same ten fingers. Everything looked as Marco remembered, and yet, something about it all felt off.

When he reached the school building, he got a glimpse of himself as a thin reflection in the window. Yeah, everything looked right, from his messy dark hair to his light brown eyes to his unbuttoned jacket, his untucked shirt, and his bag that hung from his left shoulder to his right hip. He couldn't name exactly what seemed off, but something here was just... not right.

As he contemplated, there was a sudden thump on the back of his feet. Normally, he might've been able to stand his ground, but today he was distracted and caught off guard. Marco's feet flew forward, and the rest of his body hit the ground.

Lying on his back, he was about to get up, but a split second later, there was something heavy suddenly pressing down on his head, keeping him on the ground.

Whatever it was, it was blocking too much light for Marco to see it clearly. It was soft, soft enough that his nose was easily pressing into it. But the sides of his face felt something more firm, more smooth. The whole thing felt warm, and a little damp, though not uncomfortably so.

When Marco opened his mouth (what he was going to say, he hadn't figured out) he heard a sharp inhaling sound from above him. A fast-moving new object darted to his mouth, covering the lower third of his face with a rough, flimsy material.

Finally, the weight got up off of him. As the light returned to him, he saw...

An ass. Two smooth tan orbs, partially covered by white cotton panties. The panties still bunched up slightly in the middle, where Marco's nose had pressed in.

"Sorry!" the embarrassed voice cried out as she sprinted away.

After a beat, Marco felt some warm liquid touch his lips. He touched it with his fingers to get a look at it. Blood. A nosebleed?

What the fuck? A random nosebleed, right after an even more random close encounter with a very fine ass? That was pretty much a verbatim anime cliché.

Wait. Anime... Marco looked at his arms again. Although they still looked mostly real to him, he could see the faint outline on them. The outline of an animated character.

Somehow... he had become a character in an ecchi anime.


Shall we go back a little?

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