Seven Days of Sin

Seven Days of Sin

A young wife is forced to sign a degrading contract

Chapter 1

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The former plantation house sat upon on a cliff-edge. To the east is rich pasture leading to pristine rainforest while to the west beyond a 50ft cliff lay a white pearly beach. Little remains of the grand house as it had been extensively modernised and opened up with large glass walls to the rear that led out onto a large terraced pool garden where tonight's guests enjoyed the lavish surroundings.

Embers dulled under the grill of the large BBQ pit. Latin beats were no longer background music and now played loud while dictating dance moves on the wooden terrace. The guests milled around while the beer and wine flowed under the sultry nocturnal sky.

Mick put his heavy arm around his young Asian wife, Sun. They had been happily married for three years and looked the typical rich white expat - pretty young Asian woman combination.

Mick was strong with weathered manly features. Think 1970s Clint Eastwood of the spaghetti western era. So, the fact he opted for a round-faced Sun who was short-limbed in a kinda big-boned cutie sort of way, meant there must have been a deeper connection than just lust.

That said, there is over twenty years difference between the two - a point not lost on Mick’s eldest daughter Sandy who is only two years Sun’s younger. Hence Sandy rarely visits them anymore - living with her mother in Edinburgh, Scotland.

With his arm still around Sun, Mick gazed across the garden party at a young woman. His mind whirled as he analysed her head to toe and back again. Nicaragua is multi-ethnic. A real melting pot. He found it hard to pin her heritage. She looked from Southeast Asia, India, but fully accustomed to the western way of life. She wore heels, not tall slutty ones, just modest open sandal heels. Kitten heels he thinks he’s heard them called. Her brown elegant pins were topped by a mini snakeskin patterned skirt that hung close to the curves of her youthful rump. She was slender, long-limbed and a nice youthful rack. Elegant.

But Mick knew it was her angel face that made her captivating. Those large dark eyes that promised much but revealed little. They were pools of secrets that only she knew the answers to.

But she had a man.

A young hapless white boy who seemed to make jokes that only he laughed at. The sort of man that means well, and probably does OK socially but will never amount to much. But as long as he looks after his girl he’ll be fine. Therefore the goof no doubt treasures her.

Yet Mick thought this dusky angel deserves so much more in life.

Mick wanted more from Jen. More than she could give. He felt a deep animalistic want for sex. He felt cock come alive. He continued to dream about this exotic beauty until Sun elbowed him in the ribs. His erection lost as soon as Sun, asked. “Hey, what you looking at?”

Mick grunted in his gruff Scottish accent. “Nothing.”

“I know when you’re lying.”

Mick nodded in the direction pretty woman. “The brown girl. Who is she?”

“That’s Jen.”

“Jen, Jen… Oh, Jen. The girl you met on that expat site?”

“Yeah. No shit, Sherlock.” Sun scowled at her husband. “ Like most of the people I invited tonight. We’re hosting an expat meet a greet after all. Catch up, Mick? Sometimes I wonder who you made you millions.”

“It’s your thing, love. I didn’t organise it. I’m just paying for everything.”

“I still expect you take an interest.”

Mick raised his voice a notch. “I’m here, aren’t I? Playing the perfect host… with the perfect wife?”

“Nice catch-up. But don’t forget I work too… although it’s voluntary.”

“True. True.” Mick then nodded towards Jen again who princess-like, elegantly sipped from her cocktail as her husband chatted to an older woman. “What the fuck is Jen doing with that fella? Is he loaded or something? Doesn’t have the look of a young entrepreneur, though. And looks too squarish to be into trafficking like some of the others.”

“Dave’s a writer or something. From England, I believe. You can tell she really loves him.” Sun sighed. “They’re really cute together.”

“She looks bored to me.” The ancient rivalry ran deep in Mick’s DNA.”Though not surprised if he’s English.”

“Why you so interested?”

Mick suddenly felt awkward. Pulled at his collar. “No reason. I just like people watching.”


“What? It’s not like I asked for her bra size or something?”

“Remember the rules. No friends.” Sun tugged on Mick’s arm and led him in the opposite direction of Jen and Dave. “Plus she’s even younger than I am.”


Mick was one shot of scotch drunker than he was when he first set eyes on the wonderous Jen. He had tried unsuccessfully to drink her off his mind. But his inner depravity raised its ugly head and soon he struggled with his sordid desire. He knew at heart that he was a sexual deviant. A man so ruthless that he doesn't mind destroying lives if it makes him or his associates a healthy profit. It was part and parcel of his profession as a crooked corporate raider. A job he loves because he enjoys being in control, stamping on dreams and excelling in the manipulation of people who are weaker than himself. And loves the challenge of those who put up a sterner test.

One of the reasons he lives in Nicaragua is not just to launder his vast wealth but also to use his charitable donations as leverage and influence on companies, people and even families. Sexual favours are often part of the deal.

If only Mick could get Jen in such a position. He felt desperate to fuck her. Humiliate her. Pin her over the table in front of the guests and her nonce of a husband. Then, with everyone watching he’d lift that slutty mini dress over her waist before lancing her with his 12-inch cock.

Mick closed his eyes and was sure he could hear Jen’s moans in his ears as she cried for mercy.

He suddenly needed a plan…. and a wank.

Time to choose. You decide.

1) Distract the Dave and get Jen drunk

2) Find out more about the couple

3) Other (suggest in the comments)

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