What would you do if you could revise reality?

Chapter 1 by hotdilltook hotdilltook

It was a pleasantly warm summer evening. The trees leaves around rustle in the light breeze, as wind chimes sparkle in the distance. The sun's just set, a beautiful stretch of pink and gold painting the wispy clouds in the sky as lights start to turn on, it being that time of day. Suddenly, a mailbox begins to rattle, shaking the metal casing, as brilliant light spills through the cracks, and with it, a package manifests. As quickly as the commotion began, it disappeared, only leaving the unassuming parcel. Within, a pen, with a simple black glossy finish and subtle gold trim, elegantly depressed in red velvet. Aside the pen, a note, which reads as follows;

To whoever finds this, hello! Congratulations! You've been bestowed with a God Pen. This pen contains unimaginable power, the power to create and destroy, alter and enhance, and that power is now in your hands. It can write on any material, and what you write alters reality around you. It can be used to write directly onto an object or being, changing their attributes, or it could be used to develop new laws of nature and physics if written on an indirect surface, such as a notepad. The pen will never betray the intention behind your words, and will initiate any new command once you complete writing your indented word or sentence. The pen has no limits, besides your own imagination, so, enjoy playing god!

As the summer breeze settles, so too does a person's hand on the handle of the letterbox.

Who opens it?

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