Playing with fire ?

Playing with fire ?

Going to far with a friend's sister and mother

Chapter 1 by MickeyMoose5 MickeyMoose5

I was back in town about five days having been away on business which netted me a hell of a lot of money and the first person that I happened to run into as I headed for a supermarket to restock my fridge at home was an old friend of mine. Rick Smith. "John Flynn, how the hell are you? I haven't seen you in months. Where have you been?"

"I was in Europe closing a big deal, I just got back this morning," I said. Rick and I have known one another since high school and we were still friends although that friendship might have taken a major hit if he had known that I had my eye on his sister Grace a dark-haired beauty with blue eyes, long dark hair, full breasts that seemed to call to me every time we got together. "So what's the line on the yacht race this year?"

"Not really sure, my boat is in dry dock for work and your boat is the only other one that might stand a chance of pulling off a win for the club," Rick said as we headed for the nearest bar. "Is there a chance that your boat will be entered?"

"A very good chance," I said. "I called weeks ago to make sure the boat was ready for the race so I have no doubt that with a decent crew we could stand a good chance of retaining the Champion's Cup for another year."

The two of us chatted over a glass of beer and the one thought that ran through my mind was what I could do to get into Grace's pants without getting on Rick's bad side. I could see in my mind's eye the number of times I tried to sneak a peek at her when she undressed or how I secretly drooled and got one hell of an erection whenever she wore her bikini. I asked my friend how Grace was doing and he told me that once again his sister broke up with some guy she was dating. "Is this because you were standing over her like a pit bull?" I asked slapping him on his back. "I'm surprised that your sister hasn't threatened to cut your balls off."

"You're kidding me, right? Of course, she threatened to cut my balls off but I am her older brother." Rick said with a rueful smile. "I think I am going to have to wear a protective cup around her."

"Sounds as though she hasn't changed since I left town," I said.

"Listen, John, I having a party at my place tomorrow afternoon and I would be great if you could come," Rick said looking a little nervous. "I know that my mother has been asking where you've been for the last couple of months. I told her that you were off making deals in Europe."

Rick's mom is Elizabeth but she insists that she wanted to be called Liz and like her daughter, she was tall with long dark hair and blue eyes and like her daughter, her breasts were full and always worth a look at. Her husband Rick and Grace's father ran off with some young chick and hasn't been heard from since so Liz took him to court and just about cleaned him out. Liz is one MILF that was worth more than a second look.

"Tell me something Rick is your sister still competing with your mom in the exercises that they do? I seem to remember that they had a less than the secret war going on when I left."

Rick laughed and said, "You wouldn't believe how bad it has gotten." He shook his head. "It like a game of one-upmanship between the two of them. You should see some of my friends sniffing around my mom never mind my sister." Once again my friend shook his head. "I think my mom likes the attention and she sure likes showing herself off these days." That would be food for thought.

"What time do you want me to show up for the party? Is it formal or come as you are?"

"It's a pool party, my friend, bring a bathing suit and if you want maybe some wine or beer."

We parted company and I finished shopping for food and headed home.

I had a whole afternoon and half of tomorrow morning to work up a plan that would get my cock into Grace's pussy and if the card fell right I might just get Liz as well after al she was always one of those MILFs that could give me an erection just by being in the same room with her and I felt that she knew it and she took full advantage of it. If she looked as good as Rick said she would be worth the effort of getting her into bed.

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