Path of Conquest

Path of Conquest

A Journey of Hope

Chapter 1 by Sidian Sidian

The Battle of Orbendarth.

It wasn't even close.

The commander of the Rathkin army was strong, he was powerful. Foes kneel before him, his army listened to every word. Commander Rixx was the most powerful general that ever lived. Not only could he command an army the most perfect possible, he was a demon in his armor. A demon to anybody that looked at him. Commander Rixx stood at least 6 feet, 11 inches tall. His arms, huge, easily able to lift 300 pounds. His chest, bigger than you can imagine. The fear he brought into his enemies was unmatched. His skill on the battlefield, unrivaled.

He had customized crafted armor to make himself feared. A Pure golden helmet, with golden spiked feathers. A bent long beak on his nose, the color of gold. The helmet looking almost like an eagle, but more. Wider eyes, causing him to have great perspective but that is trailed with dark green emeralds. A face-mask, which lowers down to his mouth, sharp golden teeth engraved into it. More Metallic feathers around the neck. His shoulder blades sturdy, with metal barbs piercing out about half a foot. Heavy as steel, able to block blades. Flowing down his body, his breastplate as large as you have ever seen on a man. Solid steel down to his ankles, heavy boots with more solid steel feathers that branched out. His weapon, most dangerous, a huge sword which most likely takes two people to wield, he wields himself. The Pommel, made of bone. The Grip, solid metal. The Guard fans out into 6 different spikes, looking like eagle feathers. The blade, as sharp as can be, not like that mattered to him.

Commander Rixx raises his eyes, looking at the lone commander of the enemy fleet, he can't help but chuckle as the tiny commander sits there, shivering in his armor. Before long, the sound of metal scraping upon a rock floor echos upon the remaining forces. Commander Rixx runs his sword along the ground letting loose quite a loud, piercing sound of steel cutting into the rocky ground. His eyes, never leaving his foe as he starts to move around him in a circle. A ring continues to enter the ears of the lone enemy commander and his three remaining guards.

"What the fuck is he doing?" A Knight asks "He's weakening his blade."

"He dulls his blade..." another knight starts "striking fear into them."

Two of the three remaining guards charge towards Commander Rixx hoping to catch him off guard to end his life. With a heavy thrust of his blade, one of the guards is impaled half way up his sword. The other guard, continues to run at Rixx and raises his arm, which Commander Rixx easily reflects the blades attack with his forearm, the blade bouncing off his heavy armor. That guard just stays there stunned, his sword holding the same spot against his armor while his eyes go wide with shock. Rixx maneuvers his hand out, gripping the second guard hard around his neck pulling him close before lifting him off the ground. The guard slowly suffocating in his death grip before throwing his body off to the side.

"Please!" Commander Tidd begs "I surrender!" as he falls to his knees before Rixx.

Commander Rixx can't help but stare into his eyes, "Death" he pauses "awaits you." and with a heavy swing of his sword. His dulled blade slices the enemy commander's head off his body. The remaining knight throws his weapons and falls to his knees "Please..." he begs "I surrender, please spare me!!"

"For Rathkin..." His voice, extremely deep and rasp as he pierces his blade through the last enemies chest, ending his life immediately.

"He's unstoppable..." a knight grumbles to himself as he watches his Commander move around the battlefield

"The city of Orbendarth is ours..." Commander Rixx turns his head to his second in command "Search the city, take what we need, burn what we don't." He pauses "AND DO NOT" he emphasizes those three words "lay your hands on the women."

Into the City of Orbendarth

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