Old man champion

Old man champion

Horny old man

Chapter 1 by Medic2312 Medic2312

Phil had just left his apartment that morning, he was in a rush. Though he was retired he kept busy still taking classes and running and swimming. He was overweight but still strong and at his age of 78 he had earned the right to eat and drink what and when he wanted. The reason he took classes was simpler though: the young college coeds. He maintained a visible presence in the school to talk with and flirt with the coed that went there. They of course had no interest in a man whom was old enough to be their grandfather but they would flirt with and tease him. And for him that had been enough. It had not been until recently a friend of his from the military many years ago had died while in Malaysia and had left to him a collection of books.

Phil had not paid much mind to the books until recently when a letter arrived that had been lost in the mail for almost a decade. In the letter were detailed instructions for how one was to use the books. It turns out the books would allow him to control to various degrees those in the vicinity of him. He had mastered it after several long months of studying and was eager to try it out. He had decided to make his first attempt on a young asian tart in one of his classes. Her name was Joy. She was dyed blonde and busty with a fat ass that needed an old man cock way up it. His plan was to fuck her brains out in front of the class to humiliate her and have the male student cheer him on and the female students watch in awe. Joy was a sexy slut who would never in normal life allow an older man to come close to her tight warm little snatch. It was reserved for jocks and rich boys. But today was going to be different for Joy. Today her tight little muff was going to be pounded and fucked senseless by old man cock. Her love canal was going to be split wide open and fucked unmercifully. She had no clue what was in store for her.

Joy had decided to wear a black tennis skirt with pink panties and a white top and white sneakers to class. She always had a cleanly shaven snatch. Just in case one of the frat alpha boys tried to talk to her. She was not shy to flirting with whit her professors and giving them glimpses of her luscious breasts to get her grades up either but to sacrifice her precious cunt to and old fat cock she would never have imagined that she would be virtually raped and debased in front of her peers and forced to orgasim at the same time. Joy was maybe 10 minutes late to class and she noticed uncomfortably that the only seat left in the room was next to the old guy who alway started at her and was a total creep. She slid in next to him and hiked down her very short skirt to cover as much tan thigh meat as she could. She saw him give an appreciable look at her and she rolled her eyes. The old man instead of looking away continued to stare and even got more bold he begin to leer. She was pretty sure a thin line of drool escaped his lips. He smiled then and reached over and grabbed her leg. Looked at her and said “be a good little asian slut and I’m going to stretch your asshole with my tongue, ok”. She was totally disgusted the thought of this old man bending her over and fucking her doggystyle of him licking her brown eye savagely and spitting on her ass to make it glisten while he slapped her buttcheeks and rode her made her nauseous but she couldn’t find her voice to say stop instead as revolting as this prospect seemed she felt her pussy become moist a wet and her little panties begin to drip. The male students in the rows were looking on eagerly. They high fivved each other and laughed. “Fuck yeh” “rip that bitch with your Jurassic cock” “ make that Asian slut scream” Joy couldn’t believe her ears. These boys were so crass. None of the men wanted to help her. They just wanted to watch this old grandpa have his way with her tender young nubile body. Phil smiled and ripped off her shirt her tits bounced out and he immediately stuck one boobie in his mouth flicking her plump nipple with his tongue and spitting on it and slurping it up. Joy wanted him to stop but her body was responding like a cheap whores. She was so embarrassed- here she was being enjoyed in front of so many people. The professor had even stopped and had a smirk on his face. Phil was motorboating her boobies sucking and slurping and slapping her titties with his hands and all the while informing her that he was going to wreck her little pussy with his massive old cock so that she wouldn’t be able to walk right the next day. Joy was horrified and embarrassed. She could not believe that this was how men were. But her pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet and Phil pulled her up and bent her over the desk. He smacked her ass with a resounding whack several times over and she yelped in pleasure and pain and surprise. The girls in the classroom were at this point whispering to each other some scared so embarrassed for Joy but there was evident moisture in their little vaginas at this juncture. Phil hiked up Joy skirt and ripped off her dripping panties. He knelt down on his knees and see turner around and saw him salivating. She shivered. He was so old and her tight young body should be for a young male who would love and respect her. Not some old evil pervert who was going to debase and almost rape her. Phil spread her luscious ass cheeks and smiled as he saw her winking brown eye. The smell of her asshole was like flowers and he buried his face in between her ass checks and rammed his tongue into her ever moisting crack. He licked up her ass and pussy as her juices coated his chin despite her not wanting this she begged him to stop “please. Don’t do this to me. You sick old man. You horny old goat.” Phil simply smacked her ass again and resumed slurping her asshole. Phil’s winkled hands were narly the hair growing in think gray and black sprouts on his knuckles but his grip was strong. Phil was immensely powerful. His arms were thick with muscles and though his belly was large his legs and arms were almost bull like strength. Joy squirmed as Phil forced her delicious butt further apart to expose her quivering quim and dark red asshole. Joy was now crying from embarrassment. The entire class was watching this creepy old man have his disgusting way with her. The boys were laughing and taking videos with their cell phone to post online no doubt. The girls were huddled together frightened that this was actually how men wanted to treat them. That at all times men wanted to use their bodies for their own pleasure to fuck them into stupefaction and cover them drown them in cum. And that it never stopped. Even old men were undressing them constantly and in a free use world would have their way with them at any and all times. The boys in class laughed at the girls fear and Phil took a break to command with an utterance that the other girls allow the male students to fuck them senseless and to cry in terror at the size of the cocks that would be invading their lithe nubile bodies. In the next moment it was a free for all. The male students grabbing the young coeds and ripping their clothes off. Tits were being sucked and asses smacked and licked. Female student that had been in study groups with the same boys that were now debasing them with the most vile of sexual acts. Moans and whimpering and cries were emitted from the room. The sounds of flesh smacking against flesh and wet sloppy pussies being dominated by large mean cocks came out the window. Phil was in absolute bliss. He stood up his chin glistening with poor Joys love juices. He took out his large purple veiny cock it’s bulbous head enormously erect and ordered Joy to turn around and admire it. The look of pure terror excited him and caused his pussy splitter to become even more engorged. Phil lifted one of Joys legs up to get a better view of her little twat. Her browneye was so sweet looking and he knew that at some point he would fuck it. He spit on his finger and rubbed the rim of her asshole teasing it she turned around and her face was red. How dare he degrade her with such acts. She cried out for help from someone, anyone “Help this dirty old man is about to stretch my pretty pussy with is ancient cock!” But the male students who did hear her laughed in glee as they were wrecking tender young pussies of their own and the female coeds were to busy being fucked silly and into submission. Phil slipped a thumb in Joys virgin asshole and she screamed, Phil grunted and took his thumb out of her drooling asshole licked his thumb then made Joy lick it as well. Joy had never dreamed she’d be made to taste her own ass juices. Much less being subject to such humiliation in front of numerous people. It was an orgy of horny young men having their way with helpless female coeds. All the men’s perverted fantasies were being realized on the captive females. Girls who had been raised to think they were equal and would be viewed with respect. Instead they were being treated as the objects they were; to be roughly fucked and sucked and licked and slurped and slapped. It was truly a demeaning experience for them. But at the same time their inate submissive female nature was responding in kind and their bodies were aroused beyond what they could fathom. They pleaded with their eyes. All were in horror at the large cocks that were penetrating their tight t tender offices.

Phil’s cock was about to burst but he had good control and as he opened Joys love box with his fingers he carefully aimed his scary looking mushroom headed purple veiny monster cock at her dripping Asian pooney. He eased his cock head in enjoying the sensation of her clenching lips and the visual of his cock opening her pussy. He then brought his cock head out and stuck it in again teasing her with his old man dick. She let out a moan and then begged for help. Her female classmates were too busy with cocks of their own being thrusted into their mouths, asses and pussies to assist though. All of a sudden he rammed his cock in to the hilt hitting against her cervix. The pain was excruciating. His cock was so thick and fat and long. It was stretching her poor little pussy to the max and yet she could feel her vaginal the walls contract and begin to clench and release moisture. But wait what was he doing to her now? He had brought his disgusting old man cock fully out of her snatch and as he was stuffing it back in her pussy queffed. A delicious sounding pussy fart!! She turned red and turned around as best she could to see his face in absolute rapture as his hands were holding on to her hips and he kept thrusting with controlled abandon. Making her pussy continually fart. The constant assault on her sensitive young clit by his winkled ball sack was bringing her to the brink of orgasam. She could not believe how how body was betraying her. She was being used. Being fucked hard. Being treated as if the only value she had was a ass and titties. And deep down as with all women she knew this to be true.

Joy could feel her pussy being pounded she could feel her love juices squirting out between his hard aggressive thrusts. She could barely remember her name. This must be what being fucked silly meant. She was helpless to resist his sexual domination over her body. She was turned around and lifted in the air her arms wrapped around his neck her legs spread around his shoulders he impaled her on his bulging erection then lifted her up and impaled her again and again her boobies in his mouth. He was laughing as her eyes rolled back in her head. She lost track of how many orgasms she had. It was impossible that her pussy could be so wet. Soaking, dripping her juices all over the place making his cock and the floor a sloppy mess and he was loving it. She was embarrassed at her bodies reaction. All around the room. The young female coeds had become nothing more than Cum receptacles for the horny rough men. Phil bounced Joy on his winkled old penis several more times and then erupted inside her twat filling her pussy to overflowing with his nasty old man semen. He then dropped her to the floor and smiled as her legs and body suffered aftershocks and sperm dripped from her well used holes. He still wanted to fuck her asshole but that would be for another day. There were so many other young girls on campus for him to abuse. He had to get started.

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