Night Seminar

Chapter 1 by lordsomno lordsomno

It was last summer and there was a conference of feminists at the local Marriott. Normally, I wouldn't go to this sort of conference, but my local gaming group was having a small convention, so we were in the hotel as well.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rob Carpenter, and I am 38 years old. I've always been fascinated by mind controlled sleeping women, negligees, and big busts. I hadn't planned on what happened and wasn't expecting it at all. But like the saying goes, strike when the iron is hot.

It was Friday night, and about 1 in the morning. We had all been unusually tired, and had knocked off early. We had been playing some D&D in the room, with my friend Brian running. I had been playing my elf, the Wizard Trevelon.

There was a knock on my door just as I was falling asleep. Uttering a few choice curse words, I donned my robe and proceeded to the door. I don't usually ask who's there, so I just opened the door. The sight was enchanting.

An Oriental girl stood there, five feet and six inches tall. She was dressed in the prettiest little babydoll, that was completely see-through, low cut, and stopped just short of her well-trimmed bush. Her long straight hair was in a ponytail. But that wasn't the thing I noticed.

She sported a magnificent set of breasts, the kind that are rarely seen on Oriental girls. I just knew that she was a 34D. Don't ask me how, but this night, I knew every girl's every measurement.

"Some ladies would like to meet you, sir. The hotel has a reception for you downstairs. Come with me."

"I'm, uh, not dressed, uh, Miss."

"They aren't, either. Quite a few of them are nude."

She turned and walked away from me, her cute little ass swaying as she walked. I began to follow her when another door opened, and who should step out but Linda, the girl in our group. She was in an undone pajama top, with one 38DD holding one side open. That's all she wore.

"Hey Rob, you going to the reception?"

"Uh, yeah, Linda."

"I got invited too. Tom's still sleeping, so I'll just let him rest." Tom was her husband.

Tsuki (the girl in the babydoll) led us down the stairs. Several girls in maid caps and nothing else were in the lobby, with drink carts and food carts. A naked girl was at the desk. Tsuki gestured towards the main banquet room, where I spotted a sign.

'Somno Slave Training. Rob Carpenter - guest speaker'

We followed the pretty Oriental into the room, and there were about 50 women in the room. All busty, generally taller, and about half nude, the rest in attire that couldn't be shown on TV. There were tits and pussies showing all the place.

Linda took a seat at the front table and gestured for me to take to the stage. I walked up there and the room got quiet. Eyes were focussed on me. The maids and desk clerk had just joined us as well.

What do I do?

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