New You Gym - ABDL

A place to help you feel young again.

Chapter 1 by Maddiethedog22 Maddiethedog22

Michael and Kylee were ecstatic. After hunting for a new gym for weeks they finally found one they liked, and, amazingly, it was only a few blocks from their house.

The New You Gym was exactly what they were looking for. They hosted a ton of group fitness classes daily, the membership appeared to be diverse and friendly, the staff was supportive without being too aggressive, and the atmosphere made it feel like, when you were there, you belonged to a big gym family.

They had both tried out some classes previewing the gym, but today was the first time they were both going together as paying members.

Michael, a 6'5" tall, 31-year-old prosecutor, had been married to Kylee, an 5'7", 27-year-old high school home education teacher, for 4 years. Both of them had busy lives that left them less and less time to take care of themselves and their relationship. They both viewed joining this gym and going to classes together as a first step in working to strengthen themselves and their relationship.

So, in their gym clothes, with pep in their step, they held hands as they walked in to the New You Gym, ready for a new adventure.

(Author's Note: I have two mainline stories I plan for this series, but do foresee adding more options down the line. Please feel free to add your own branches wherever you would like, although, I will moderate your entries.)

What group fitness class were they taking together?

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