Your roommate’s girlfriend

Chapter 1 by Farvin Farvin


It was just a typical Saturday afternoon. Shawn was just hanging out in the living room playing a game on his laptop when Meghan slowly sauntered in, exiting the bedroom that she shared with her boyfriend. He could see her in his peripheral, lingering there, watching him for a moment before wandering into the kitchen. He turned to watch her as she slowly left the room, admiring her shapely yet slender figure.

The petite brunette was curvy in all the right spots and she had chosen to accentuate this with the tight little grey pair of booty shorts she was wearing coupled with a green tank top. Meghan‘s firm twenty year old ass looked great in those shorts and he could tell she wasnt wearing a bra either from the way that her round little b cups were swaying as she stepped, her tight shirt not leaving much to the imagination. Meghan turned to look at him before she left the room and when she saw him sitting there already staring back at her with his mouth half agape she giggled and disappeared into the kitchen.

Shawn’s attention quickly snapped back to his computer screen and his game as he realized that his team had just lost the competitive match they were playing and were currently in the process of being teabagged by the enemy team.

“Fuck!” Shawn announced. “Well so much for that…”

Shawn quickly exited the game lobby while his team began to blame the loss on him. He shut the game down and stared at the screen for a moment before his gaze switched to the kitchen doorway that Meghan had walked through. She had been on his mind almost constantly recently. She had been haunting his dreams and was now blatantly taunting him now in his waking hours.

What's next?

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