A new dating app that'll change your life

Chapter 1 by P010 P010

Author's note - I cannot seem to get conditional branches working so for the time being I have them disabled, this will result in your path not making sense at times. The story should branch far enough eventually that it'll be hard to get mixed up but please keep this in mind until I figure out what i'm doing.

You've been single for about 21 years which is coincidentally how long you've been on this lonely, lonely earth and in this city. You like to tell yourself that you’re single due to a lack of trying but in reality you’re just fucking useless.

The only sexual accolade you have to your name is losing your V-card to Jennifer Gould at 18, you’d been close friends for years and on the night before she moved to the continental frontier she finally got sick of your dawdling and made a move for you. It was one of the best nights of your young life and gave you a feeling that you’ve desperately missed since. Sadly you’ve never heard from Jennifer again after that night, life must be hard out there, or that’s what you tell yourself.

The overwhelming lonely feeling crushing you, distracting you from work and compounding your anxiety eventually compelled you to sign up for a dating agency. Surprisingly the agency ranked you highly on the looks scale, describing you as a “Good looking young man with that Androgynous look and a lovely smile.”

The confidence boost their flattering profile bestowed upon you didn’t last long, it seems that the agence matched you with their top talent as all of those women were painfully out of your league. After 4 dates where you spent too much money and choked over every word for an hour the agency seemed to give up on you. That is until they offered to refer you to Matcher.

Matcher was something new on the market, a dating service that integrated with your smartphone, like most dating apps, but it also promises to help bring out the best in you. Apparently it helps you bring about the changes in your life that will find your perfect match. Well that's what the nice ‘dating consultant’ you pay way too much money, for negligible results, told you anyway.

Your phone pings with a loud chirp and wakes you from your hard earned post work nap. It seems Matcher has finished integrating itself into your phone, it now has control of your calendar and fitness app. As you flick through your apps looking for anything out of place a notification drops down from the top of your screen.

Hi there John! We need you to fill out a survey so we can learn more about you, it shouldn’t take too long!

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