Magnolia’s Magnificient Love Potions

A love Witch’s guide to good fucking

Chapter 1 by Wildflower Wildflower

At only 20, Magnolia was a unique beauty. She had cold blue eyes like sapphires, and long fine hair that was so pale it was almost a perfect white. Most of the villagers in the town she had settled in assumed this was a result of the magic she used, but it had always this color. She was a somewhat petite Woman, but only in height. Magnolia, or Maggy for short, made all the heads turn. Her breasts were so large it was a wonder how she stayed upright, and they were so perky too, especially considering how little support her outfit gave them.

That was the thing about Witches who specialised in love and romance, they didn’t seem to have the same sense of decency as a normal person. They talked about sex and pleasure frankly, with no shame, and they were proud of their own sexual appeal too. Magnolia certainly was, the way she showed off her thighs and cleavage. Some men, and even some women, would come say hello in her workshop just to steal a look at her body. Some were lucky to get a little more.

Magnolia’s workshop was located right in the heart of town, right behind the local tavern, and across from the town square. It was a small space, just big enough to fit a workbench and a bookshelf. She had two stools by the bench for any customers as well. At the back was ladder leading to an upstairs loft where she lived. There was a bed, and a small kitchen area, and an even smaller bathroom. It wasn’t anything fancy, for sure, but she loved it all the same. And as a young witch who was only just starting out, it really wasn’t half bad.

“Aahh~!” A moan echoes through the house. It’s early morning and the doors are still closed. Only Magnolia is home.

“Mmm-aaah~!” Magnolia lets out another cry of pleasure. She’s laying in her bed upstairs, rubbing a glittering gel onto her naked pussy. “Ohh~~~ that’s good!!!” She gasps, screwing the cap back on the bottle she had poured the gel from. The bottle label reads ‘Experiment #113’.

“O-Oh Geez, that’s strong! O-ohhhHHH!!” She groans and suddenly arches backwards, her hips shaking with pleasure, and her eyes roll back. She isn’t even touching herself now, the magic gel seems to be doing all the work. Magnolia grips her sheets tightly and moans again, and again, until suddenly her pussy starts squirting as she climaxes.

Magnolia, in desperation, reaches for a small face cloth by her bedside and tries to remove any excess gel from herself. She is panting, and her face completely flushed. “T-too much...” she sighs, licking her lips. Too much to sell that concentrated maybe, but she’ll probably have another go later...

Magnolia picks herself up and gets dressed now, washing her face in the bathroom basin as she tidies her hair. Then she climbs down the ladder to her workshop and opens the front door. She’s open for business.

Who is her first customer?

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