Lucifer's Son

Lucifer's Son

The Story of the Son of the Devil in the Modern world

Chapter 1 by The6thLaughterGod The6thLaughterGod

Sam awoke under the Soft rays of the Sun, the soft sheets of his large bed almost lulled his relaxed body back into a slumber, but that sharp and Squeaky tone awoke broke Sam's relaxation, "Get up shithead!" spoke the almost shrieking voice of his Sister, Sam sat up rubbing his eyes as he was graced with the Vile mousy complexion of his Sister's face, "Hannah, if you keep Cussing I will tell Mom on you..." Hannah was sat on his legs, in front of him, her bright Blue eyes watching him as she smirked: "I'm 13, I'm practically a woman now!" Sam yanked his legs out from under Hannah, causing her to fall on her back, "Soooo, I'm 14 and I still don't Cuss, Mom would be really upset!" Hannah sat back up on Sam's bed, a very upset look on her face her Long brown hair now a mess.

Hannah flew at Sam, unleashing a devastating barrage of Slaps which whacked against Sam's pyjama covered chest and Arms, "ow ow ow, Hannah stop it!" the Bedroom door swung open, and standing there was Sam's only salvation: his Older sister Kim! "Hey Hannah get off of him!" spoke Kim, Hannah froze as she saw her older sister standing there with her arms crossed "K-Kim, What are you doing here?" Kim slowly walked over to the bed, "Oh, I was checking to see if you had gotten over your crush won Sammy yet, Apparently not!" Hannah went stark Red at Kim's Proclamation "I-I have so! No, I mean, I never liked him I...." Hannah covered her face with her hands, running out of the room past Kim's much taller form and out the door.

"such a ladies man, even at such a young age!" said Kim walking over and sitting on the bed beside Sam, "What did I say about letting her push you around?" Sam smiled "she only wants to hang out, I shouldn't have been in bed for so long..." Kim chuckled "Hey, how about I take you, Eileen and Hannah to the Mall later huh?" Sam got out from under the covered and sat next to Kim on the bed, "how did you know that I was gonna hang out with Eileen?" Kim burst into laughter "are you serious!? you two are conjoined at the hip! you never spend a day without each other, no wonder Hannah keeps harassing you, you barely give her any attention!" Sam pushed his hair back from his face "you, need a haircut... come on get up, you shouldn't keep Hannah and your wife to be waiting." Sam went even redder than Hannah did, "Shut up, get out!" said Sam playfully to his older sister, her Ponytail tied mousy brown hair swaying behind her as she left the room, a Laugh escaping her lips as she closed his door behind her.

Sam thought on Kim, on how even for an 18-year-old she was very tall and buxom, her Butt was massive and her Boobs, good god! Sam cringed at his own thoughts, tucking them away as he stood from his bed. Sam went into his bathroom to brush his teeth, he looked into the mirror and looked at his scruffy longish hair, Sam had always gained (mostly) unwanted attention for his looks, Sam was rather tall for his age 5.8, his two most prominent features where his Eyes and his hair, Sam had always had long dark crimson hair, he wasn't ginger by any means but his hair was a very dark hue of red that was very uncommon, and Sam's eyes where an emerald Green, a very bright green that made him stand out, though many of the girls at school seemed mesmerised by them at times.

Sam brushed his teeth and got dressed in some fresh Jeans and a white shirt, Sam brushed his ear length hair and prepared to head downstairs for breakfast...

How does Breakfast go?"

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