Kim Kardashian’s assistant

Kim Kardashian gets a new helper

Chapter 1 by Benb315 Benb315

It was a nice day, birds were chirping, sun was shining, and the looming smog cloud over LA was slightly thinner . Jack was waiting for a car to take him to his newest cleaning gig. He was beginning to question if this was even a real job. It all started a few days ago, he was idly scrolling through Reddit when he got a notification from his nanny app. Some big mysterious Hollywood actor was looking to hire someone to run her new rental house while she was filming a movie. He didn’t think too much of it, after all a job was a job, but he had been waiting for this car for over 20 minutes to take him to his new boss’s house. He finally saw a nice town car head towards him.

“Hey, are you Jack?” The driver asks.

“Yeah, before I get in can I ask where we are going?”

“Oh she didn’t tell you? We’re going to Kim Kardashians new place.” Jack is a bit taken aback by this. He was used to working for Rich families but it was usually some big lawyer or a doctor, nobody as mainstream as Kim Kardashian. He got in trying to hide his excitement. During the drive he felt like he was going to burst. They finally pulled into the driveway of a huge mansion. Kim Kardashian was waiting for them on the porch. They get out as Kim runs up to them.

“Hi, are you Jack?” She asks.

“Y-yeah, hi, Jack Reynolds,” he says trying not to ogle her.

“Perfect! Grab your bags and follow me,” Jack follows her directions and walks behind her into the house. “So this is the house, it’s been so good to me, but I don’t have any of my staff right now so it’s a bit messy.” Jack looks around, it looks like a museum with a few clothes and dishes spread about but to be fair to her it would be difficult to clutter up a space as big as this one. “Anyways just so you know I hired you off a nanny app because I only wanted to hire one person to do multiple things but I don’t have my kids with me right now, are you alright with that?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s fine, I do this kind of thing all the time.” Jack says lying.

“Great! I knew when I saw you that this would work out.” She grabs a list off of the dining room table and hands it to Jack. “This is my schedule and what I need you to do.” Jack looks over the list, it was just a bunch of chores that could easily be knocked out in about an hour.

“You said you needed me for the next few weeks full time, I don’t mean to talk myself out of a job but I could just come once a week to do the cleaning,” He says feeling a bit angry at himself for being so honest.

“No, I want you full time, I hate cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and all the stuff. I want a full time employee to do the little things for me,” Kim explains. “Anyways there will probably be some other stuff I want you to do, nothing to bad hopefully, but I do need to make sure you’re flexible,”

“I can do whatever you need,”

“Great, how about you get started on the chores, I’ll be upstairs come get me when you’re done with everything.” Jack starts cleaning the gigantic house, it really wasn’t as bad as she made it out to be. It only took him about an hour to make the house look spotless. Jack heads upstairs to tell Kim that he was done. He heard the shower running from the master bedroom bathroom.

“Hey Ms. Kardashian? I got done with the list you gave me,” he says talking through the bathroom door.

“Great!” She says back. “I have one other thing, the door is unlocked, can you come in here?”

Does he go in?

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