Harem High

Harem High

A New Student Finds Himself The Interest Of All The Girls At School

Chapter 1 by RicoLouis RicoLouis

John sat in the chair awaiting his punishment from Ms. Pierson the school principle hoping like hell she didn’t expel him, or worst call his mom, he was embarrassed enough as it was. Ms. Styles the school secretary stopped what she was doing from time to time to look up at me from her glasses and smile or bite her lip. He was aware that he had a developed a bit of a reputation and not just with the students. One he never asked for or wanted, well maybe he did want it, what guy wouldn’t he thought. He jumped when he heard a buzz from the secretary’s desk. She picked up the phone and spoke into it for a second before hanging it up.

“Ms. Pierson is ready to see you now.” She smiled as she stood up and lead him into the office. He knew shouldn’t but he couldn’t help but watch her nice ass sway back and forth in her tight skirt as she walked in front of him.

Ms. Pierson sat behind her desk leaning forward with her head on her folded hand. He could swear she looked him over as if looking at a piece of meat which is what he kind of felt like at the moment.

“Sit down Mister Lovecraft.” She pointed as she sat back and pulled her glasses down. John did as she said sitting in the seat across from her desk. Ms. Styles took a seat in a chair off to the side as she pulled open a note pad and clicked a pen and began to write. “Mister Lovecraft. I caught you having sex with three girls in the auditorium; do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“It wasn’t my idea?” John shrugged.

“I find that a little hard to believe, so whose was it then?” Miss Pierson smiled.

“The girls, they wanted me to pick one, to take to prom.” John frowned.

“So you’re trying to say, they were fighting over you?” Miss Pierson grinned as she shook her head at him.

“Yes ma’am.” John nodded

“And why would they do that?” She pushed her glasses back.

“Because of my…” John muttered, and looked over at Ms. Styles.

“Go on.” She insisted

“Because of my penis size.” John frowned.

“I find that a little hard to swallow. Pardon the pun.” Ms. Pierson mused; he thought he heard Ms. Styles let out a little laugh at her comment.

“It’s true.” John said shyly.

“Well you know what they say Mister Lovecraft. Seeing is believing. Why don’t you show us this cock that the girls were fighting over?” Ms. Pierson smiled. John couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“What, Here?” John groaned.

“Yes here, if I am to believe any of your story. Or I could just expel you now.” Ms. Pierson sat back in her chair.

“Okay.” John shrugged as he stood up and pulled out his cock out reluctantly. Granted he was hard but even when he was not it was long enough to get his point across as he it hung there for both women to see.

“Oh my…” Ms. Styles began to say but Ms. Pierson held up her hand to stop her. She blushed instead as she bit down on the end of her pen looking at it.

“Well it is nice to see you are not a liar mister Lovecraft.” Ms. Pierson gave a little smile. “So how where you suppose to choose?”

“They wanted me to have sex with all three of them and whoever I thought was the best got to be my girlfriend.” John shrugged. He wanted to put his cock away but both women seemed to be enjoying the sight of it.

“And what about Miss Williams?” Ms. Pierson asked.

“What about her?” John asked confused.

“She wasn’t invited to this little orgy I take it?” Ms. Pierson grinned as she ran her finger over her lips.

“No.” John shook his head.

“I found her watching from behind the curtains.” Ms. Pierson grinned as she finally looked up at him. Fuck he thought. Their went that relationship as well though he wasn’t sure what he and Beth where anyways. “You can put that thing away Mister Lovecraft, at least for now.” She grinned. John didn’t hesitate to do so. “I want you to tell me everything, leave nothing out. If I like your story enough I might just not expel you.”

“Okay. Where should I start?” John sat back down putting his cock away.

What's next?

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