Harem Genie

What happens when a good guy must form a harem?

Chapter 1 by youngstar5678 youngstar5678

This is me


I know what you're thinking, I'm really boring. And you'd be right. I'm about as average as it gets, abit a little nerdy.

Now, I'm sure you have another question.

"Why should I care?"

Well, I ask you something. Why'd you click on the story?

I might seem like a very average person, but my story isn't. I'm typing this in my house, while my wives are at work. Yep, plural. I have many wives. And I love each and every single one of them. We are a family, and they mean everything to me.

Well, aren't you interested in knowing how I got so many wives? You are, good. Because I'm still not 100% sure myself. All I know, is that it started that faithful day.

What day?

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