Freedom of Use

You're free to use as you please

Chapter 1 by ReaperofBalance ReaperofBalance

Freedom and Free.

Two words that people love to have/use and experience, who doesn't take something that's free even if they don't really want it?

Well this is a different kind of freedom/free.

Through some method/power/madness/ability/whatever you can make the women around you free to use (by you). What this means is you can walk up to your mother during a family gathering, yank her tits out and start enjoying them as you please, then bend her over and fuck her, and no one is going to react/find it strange... Or if they do they're going to start liking what they're seeing. So maybe your sister or cousin or aunt decide to offer themselves up as free use o you as well.

Now, that's not to say the woman in question won't know what you're doing to them/what is going on. It's just more they're not going to see anything wrong with what is happening.

However, don't fear that they're basically just gonna be as active as a toy or doll, they'll actively suck, grope, stroke, bounce, and buck as possible and will only respond even more if they're into it and/or getting pleasure from it.

Although, if it is a power, there could be limitations. Such as you can only keep 3 women at once as free to use and any others just aren't going to react to what you do to those three.

Or maybe the acceptance of what is going on is only those within a certain range?

Maybe the power gets stronger the more you use it?

Maybe the women marked as free use become permanently marked once you've tamed them?

Maybe the power is from a demon or something and once you've impregnated them you get more options?

Maybe you're a metahuman or mutant?

There's plenty of options and choices on where to go.

Of course, maybe there's no power or anything involved, maybe your female relatives just decided to be available to you for some reason. Maybe your mom is worried about your health if you're not cumming enough (maybe a legitimate medical issue or something or you bribed a doctor to tell her that or you hired someone to make fake results/orders for your care) or she feels bad about your girlfriend breaking up with you, or maybe she decided that you were the man of the house now and as such you can have access to the women within as you please.

Maybe there's some new law in effect that gives you this benefit. Meaning even if the women are fully aware of what's happening, they can't deny you their use.

Maybe you're the last male of an important bloodline or town or country or world and as such you have the right to use the women as you please.

Maybe a disease or virus hit and you're either the cure or the only male not adversely affected and thus you have the right to use the women.

There are no shortage of options available to you to enjoy the free use women around you.

(Public story, feel free to add chapters.)
(Listed as 3rd person, but feel free to do whatever perspective you want)

So what's it gonna be?

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