Foundations academy

A place to build a better future

Chapter 1 by AverageDude AverageDude

This is so dumb, I think as I approach the gate. For the next year of my life I will be forced to stay at the Foundations Academy. It seems like a dumb school and a desperate attempt by my mom to get me to figure out my life. The worst part is I have no idea what to expect since there is no information online about the school. I doubt my mom even knows where she is sending me. I walk up to the gate and past it see a large well kept clean giant brick building with a smaller just as nice brick building alongside it. Infront of the gate there is a button next to a speaker, I push the button and hear "Welcome to Foundations how may I help you" in a cheery male voice.

"Uhh, I'm a student" I reply unsure of how to respond.

"Ok, and what might your name be?" The voice responds.

What is your name?

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