Forbidden Loves

Forbidden Loves

Desires of The Heart

Chapter 1 by Marianna_Love_Romance Marianna_Love_Romance

The sun sat behind a thin layer of clouds. There was a soft wind rolling off the sea. These were typical days at the castle on the hill by the sea.

The gates were opened; workers went about their chores. Some cleaned and fed the horses, some brought fresh fruits and vegetables from the nearby farms, and some stood guard and watched out for visitors. Prince Liam was diligently working on his sword skills in the courtyard.

The loud clanking of medal against medal filled the courtyard as Liam and the King’s commander went at it. The point of Liam’s sword was inches from Aethelbald’s chest, “You’re making this far too easy, Aethelbald,” Liam announced proudly.

Suddenly, his body was on its way to the dusty ground from the firm kick Aethelbald stuck him with in a swift move. The sword fell by his side and slid a few inches away. He grunted. Aethelbald’s arm reached out, and their hands touched, “Sorry, Prince Liam.”

“No, don’t be. I want to be ready.”

His strong hand which had been tested by many battles, rested on Liam’s right shoulder, “And you shall.”

The King entered the courtyard wearing a royal red flamboyant robe adorned with various stones. His stern look made the two men stand at attention, “Father,” Liam spoke.

“King Oswald,” added Aethelbald.

He greeted them with a single nod. His eyes searched the area briefly, “And your brother, Prince Oswald, where is he?” the King questioned. Oswald was his oldest son and next in line for the throne. He expressed a great deal of interest in taking on the duty but was constantly missing in action.

Prince Liam responded quickly, “He wanted to spend some time praying this morning.”

This satisfied the King. He loved that his sons were so passionate about their faith and their country. “Very well, I should hope to speak to you both during this evening’s feast. We have some very important things to discuss.” He turned to Aethelbald, “Might we speak in private?”

Aethelbald nodded and walked with the King. Liam sighed. He hurried over to his horse, a beautiful black stallion, and rode off toward the forest.


The night was nearly over. Liam was at his desk reading by the light of a few candles when his bedroom door creaked open. He looked over his shoulder; he saw Oswald fully dressed, “And where are you off to?” he asked with squinted eyes.

Oswald tossed a playful grin as he strolled closer, “For a little ride. Are you interested in accompanying me?” he responded.

Liam’s head tilted. His blue eyes studied his brother with concern, “You know that we cannot.”

Oswald shrugged, “And why not?” he asked as if he wasn’t aware.

Liam sighed, “It’s a dangerous game you’re playing.”

Oswald stood frozen for several seconds. “How can love be dangerous?” he asked with a sappy smile.

Liam shook his head, “It is when you allow yourself to fall in love with a woman whom you cannot have in marriage.”

He nodded, “No matter. I’m going. Are you coming with?”

Liam remained silent. Oswald smirked, “Oh, little brother. You should have more fun. You’re far too serious. When I become King, I will remove these foolish rules about who can marry whom.”

Liam chuckled, “I hope that for your dear brother, but until that day comes...I should like for you not to test Father’s patience too much.”

Oswald smiled, “I’ll be back before the day’s first light.”


Liam remembered their conversation that night. Somehow, Oswald failed to return by first light. It was nearly midday when he rode up to the rustic farm-style house. He saw his brother’s horse tied to a fence made with logs. He placed his horse next to his brother’s. His feet carried him to the door; his knuckles met the rickety wood separating him from the interior. Moments later, the door opened.

His eyes rested on a fair-skinned woman with big brown eyes. Her sandy-blonde hair was tussled; she wore a simple white gown. Her peach-colored nipples showed through the garment. Liam looked away, “I’m looking for my brother,” he said plainly.

“Prince Liam, come inside,” she said as she bowed; she stepped backward. The door shut, “Might I offer you some water or wine?”

He shook his head, “I’m fine,” he responded as he continued to look away from her barely covered body. His brother lay in bed under a simple blanket, “Oswald, we must leave,” he insisted.

Oswald left the bed. His naked body wasn’t as chiseled as his younger brother's. Yet he managed to have a decent size. He stood five feet ten inches tall. His dark brown hair was chin length with a part down the middle. His face was scruffy from not shaving over the last few days. Slowly he looked around for his clothes. Abigale handed him the pants, “Thank you, my love,” he said as his lips pressed to hers.

Liam cleared his throat, “Brother.”

“Liam could you give us a few minutes,” he said as he stared into her wanting eyes.

“I will do no such thing. We must go now. I would hate to return to Father and tell him where you spend your time when you’re supposed to be training for battle.”

Oswald rolled his eyes, “It seems my brother is being difficult, I have to leave you. I will return as soon as I can.”

Liam left the house. Oswald quickly dressed and met his brother outside by their horses, “You wouldn’t tell Father about this, would you?”

“You know me better than that.”

Oswald smiled. They mounted their horses. The beautiful beasts trotted away from the house, “Hiya!” Liam shouted and took off.

“Hiya,” Oswald belted out. Soon Oswald was close behind. They laughed and taunted each other as they rode like the wind to return home.



It was a small settlement near the mountains. Jarl Sigurd lay in bed shirtless displaying the intricate details of the tattoo that ran from his neck down to his shoulder and later down his right arm.

“Lord, I was told you asked for me,” a pretty young woman with milky skin and long golden locks uttered as she stepped into his bed chamber. She wore a gray gown.

He nodded. This was normal. Every day, he had a pick of several slaves. Women he purchased from a local trading post after those warriors returned from a successful raid.

She stepped out of her gown. Her naked body caused his manhood to rise. He summoned her with his finger. She heard from the other women that his sexual prowess was something to be admired. He was a fearless warrior. Many expected him to be inconsiderate in bed, but he was mostly gentle unless the woman begged for something more.

Her pink nipples hardened. Her skin began to flush as she anticipated being touched by her master. This would be her first time with him. He spent most nights with his favorite. A dark-haired woman from Kyiv named Yana.

She crawled onto the bed and then onto him. Her hand traced the tattoo on his muscular chest. Her center was moist when his finger found her pearl. She moaned softly and smiled. She had been several times on the ship ride to her new location. Those men didn’t take their time to warm her up. This was a different experience.

His cock was stiff. She adjusted herself and felt his power drive into her. Not only was he long, but he was also thick. Her pussy lips stretched around his girth. Her eyes rolled as she rode him to her delight.

Through the curtain, a set of eyes watched intensely as they explored each other’s bodies. She saw him withdraw from the woman’s center and drip his DNA on her belly. He rolled to the left side panting.

The woman turned to him, “Lord, why did you withdraw from me?”

“I’m not looking to father a child.”

“You don’t want children?”

A smile appeared in his eyes, “Of course. One day, I will have children. The Seer told me I would father three sons and a beautiful daughter with a woman who would inspire me to do great things. This woman will be my queen.”

“So then, you wish to become a King?”

He nodded, “It is an ambition of mine.”

“How will you know this woman? How do you know it isn’t me or one of the others?”

“She will see me before I see her.”

The woman nodded, “I should leave you to rest,” she said as she exited his bed on the right. He watched as she walked over to the spot where her gown lay. She bent over, looked left, and spotted a set of feet.

“What is it?” he asked as he watched her expression.

“It’s nothing, Lord.” She dressed hurriedly and left the room where she encountered Yana. “What are you doing?” Mary questioned her.

“Shhhh,” she responded as they hurried to their quarters.

When they returned to their room, Mary sat on her small bed, “Why were you spying on me with Jarl Sigurd?” she asked. The other two women said Yana tended to be jealous and possessive of Jarl Sigurd.

“I wasn’t spying. I was looking out for his interests.”

Mary laughed as she lay back, “His interest? I don’t understand. We were having sex.”

Yana walked over to where Mary lay, “You were trying to get him to plant a child in your womb, why?”

“Every woman desires to feel life stirring about in her belly,” she said bluntly, “we’re all his slaves. He doesn’t belong to us. We belong to him.”

Yana turned away. Slowly she walked over to her bed. Mary sat up, “You want to be queen.”

Yana stopped, turned, and eyed her, “Of course I do.”

“I thought you wanted to return to your homeland.”

Yana was from the Kyiv. She was in the market shopping when the Northmen bombarded the shops. They left the marketplace painted in blood. She and several other women were taken to be sold as slaves.

Her life in her city was simple. She was one of many concubines; she wasn’t the favorite. The day she was auctioned, she saw many men interested in buying her. When he appeared, the men were shouting his name with enthusiasm, “Jarl Sigurd!” Her interest was piqued.

She had heard stories about him on the voyage. Even though she couldn’t understand their language, she heard his name mentioned many times. In the days she got to know him, slowly learning the language, customs, and religious practices, she wanted him. Her heart burned with the intensity of 100 suns.

She sighed, “I did. But what is there for me back home? I have no husband. I have no children. If I wait any longer, my chance to feel life stirring about in my belly will have gone.”

“The Seer told Jarl Sigurd that he’d marry a woman that sees him before he sees her.”

Yana’s face scrunched, “What does that mean?”

Mary shrugged, “I do not know for certain, but I do know that a Jarl will not marry a . So, if you are to be queen, you would have to be freed before you are a consideration,” she stated flatly and laid back in bed.

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