Everyday Screw: The Movie Theater

Everyday Screw: The Movie Theater

Try not to become what everyone is watching...or try to steal the show

Chapter 1 by Bran_Hopewell Bran_Hopewell

Fifteen screens, over a dozen employees on staff at all times, a tiny little arcade tucked into a corner for people waiting for movies, and the concession stand that wouldn't fit in your house: the theater was a monster, and it was usually full of people. The afternoon matinees are quieter and it's easier to find a mostly empty theater, or subordinate voice just looking for someone else to talk to other than the other employees.

You're not sure what makes today different, what's made you Brave and Bold enough to try for a random pick up, but damn it, you're going to...

Do you work at the theater, or are you a guest?

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