Duke & Sarah

The adventures of a young couple and their friends on a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs

Chapter 1 by Duskford Duskford

Emerald Lane is a nice gated neighborhood in the suburbs of a big town. It's quiet and youthful, filled with new houses and young people. The perfect place for a couple like Duke and Sarah Adams.

The two 25-year-olds had gotten married four months ago, and after braving through life in the small flat they shared ever since their college days, they managed to save up enough money to get a house in Emerald Lane, their indisputable first choice. It already was a house big enough for the time they decide to have kids, with two stories, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, an assortment of rooms to decorate however they wanted and a nice backyard where Duke already was envisioning hosting barbecues for his new neighbors and potential friends.

Duke worked at a company that belonged to a friend of his father. It wasn't a large one, but it definitely wasn't small either, it provided him a really nice income, more than enough to make his and Sarah's lives very comfortable. Despite that fact, Sarah chose to not remain idle; she was a programmer, and her employers had a policy of allowing their employees to work from home if they wanted, something that she was thankful for.

That Saturday night, the young couple was unpacking their stuff in the new house, having had completed the move to the new place in the morning. They were almost done, though, with several empty cardboard boxes lying around every room.

Duke finished dropping some personal items in the drawer of his nightstand and took a deep breath, putting the now empty box aside next to the other ones. He stood up and went over to the window, his hazel eyes scanning the quiet street outside. He ran a hand through his short black hair as he looked at the other houses in the block across the street. Some of them might come visit us tomorrow, he guessed, wondering if there was some kind of welcoming committee at Emerald Lane.

A pair of arms encircled his waist from behind and he turned around to stare into the gorgeous sapphire-blue eyes of his smiling wife. "Mmm, penny for your thoughts?" Sarah whispered.

He smiled and dropped a brief kiss on her lips. "Nothing in particular," Duke explained. "Just trying to guess what kind of people our neighbors are."

"I know what you mean," she chuckled, resting her head on his shoulder and joining him at the window. "Well, should everything fail, we'll still have Bella and Luke." Isabella and Lucas were two friends of theirs who had lived at Emerald Lane for a little more than a year now.

Duke grinned. "Yeah, you're right, as always," he leaned in and kissed her, tangling his right hand in her long dark-brown tresses. They pulled back after a few seconds. "I love you."

Sarah returned his grin. "And I love you too," she then glanced down at his bare chest and reached over to run her palms over his muscles before biting her lower lip. "Mmm, this is really nice, what do you say we get a start on christening the place, oh, dear husband of mine?"

He gave her a wolfish smirk in response. "I like the way my gorgeous wife thinks," he told her, pulling her closer to him as her big D-cup breasts flattened against his chest through the flimsy fabric of the long T-shirt she was wearing.

She let out a brief, low moan. "Where do you wanna do it first?” she inquired, a conspiratorial grin on her face. "We’ve got our bedroom, the bathroom, the kitche...whoa!"

Duke interrupted her by lifting her body by the ass and forcing her to wrap her shapely legs around his waist. "Well, I think we should be in our bed this time," he whispered, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss as he walked over to the nearest wall.

Oh, my God..., Sarah thought as the kiss deepened and their tongues began dancing together. She moaned into his mouth as he squeezed her butt once again.

His cock throbbing for her, Duke moved and took the brunette over to their queen-sized bed, gently laying her on it. He stared down at his beautiful wife, her large chest heaving as she stared up at him. "Guess I'll just have my first snack in the new house now," he said, causing her eyes to widen in love and lust as his meaning registered in her brain.

Their sex life only improved over the years they had been together, having met each other during college. The two of them knew each other's bodies like their very own, and they had sex almost every night, only missing days when one of them had to stay up late working or wake up particularly early. Oral, vaginal, handjobs, the occasional titfuck and footjob, everything was fair game for the young couple. The only sex act they usually didn't practice too often was anal, since Duke’s cock was a bit on the thick side.

He moved between her legs and took a hold of the left one, kissing a path from the sole of her foot up to the inside of her thigh, making the blue-eyed woman purr in satisfaction. The hazel-eyed young man then moved down to the area around her covered entrance, never quite going for the real prize.

“Stop teasing me, honey,” Sarah playfully whined, biting her bottom lip and reaching down to his hair. “Don't be so mean.”

Duke chuckled. “All in due time, gorgeous,” he continued to indulge himself on her thighs and legs, feeling the smooth texture of her skin on his lips and tongue.

Sarah grunted, letting out a low moan. “Please, Duke...,” she pleaded in a cute way, her pussy seemed to be on fire, yearning for his tongue and fingers.

Duke fought the urge to chuckle at his wife's adorable antics, he thought it would be funny to tease her for a while, but her pleading told him she had suffered enough. He grasped the waistband of her lacy blue panties and dragged it down her long, toned legs, exposing her wet, pink pussy to him, framed by a trimmed patch of dark hair. Not wasting any time, Duke leaned in and attacked her slit, slowly running his tongue along her entire opening, her sweet familiar flavor entering his mouth. “Mmm, delicious as always, Sarah."

That said, he really got to work on her, licking and sucking her cunt in earnest. He feasted on her folds, occasionally sticking his tongue in her love hole. Sarah held his head against her pussy and closed her eyes, moaning loudly at the feeling of his tongue on her. “Yes! Lick me, Duke...,” she pleaded between moans. “You’re so good with your tongue, oh, my gosh!”

While Duke ate her out, he decided to use his fingers as well, rubbing her cunt at the same time his tongue delved into her slick folds. He slowly introduced his forefinger into her, moving it in and out at a fast pace. Sarah felt her pleasure increasing even more as her husband began to fingerfuck her along with using his skilled tongue, her hands finding their way to her own covered tits, caressing and squeezing the two mounds. She reached down and pulled the hem of the t-shirt up past her pale breasts before taking the twin globes into her hands and playing with her erect nipples.

The dark-haired programmer let out a long moan. “Dammit, Duke,” she gritted her teeth. “If you keep this up, I’m gonna cum pretty soon.”

He raised his head and smirked at her, his chin drenched with her juices. “That’s the idea, honey,” he replied in a teasing tone. “Well, not the pretty soon part, but you’ve got the gist of it.”

Sarah grunted. “Mmm, aren't we a little insufferable, all of a sudden?” she inquired, a hint of a smile on her perfect face.

Duke chuckled, the sound of it muffled due to his mouth on her pussy before he briefly pulled back. “What can I say? We know you like it.” He then smirked and took Sarah’s clit into his mouth, sucking hard on the little bundle of nerves. The sexy brunette let go of her tits and pulled his head tight against her center with both hands.

“Fuck, Duke!” she yelled. “C’mon, honey, fuck me with your fingers ‘till I cum!”

Duke always loved to see his beloved Sarah coming apart on his tongue and fingers, her face scrunched up in pleasure. He truly couldn’t get enough of her delicious pussy, his cock painfully hard in his boxers in anticipation of the fuck that would come once he made her cum. He began to suck really hard on her clit and added his middle finger to his forefinger, now penetrating her with two fingers. With that added stimulation, Sarah lost it and began to buck wildly against his face, her climax finally conquering her. “Oh, my God! I'm cumming, Duke, oh, fuck! I’m cumming in your mouth!” she yelled, feeling shockwaves of pleasure run through her whole body. A few jets of her love juices squirted into his mouth, and he gulped down the sweet nectar. Sarah really was worked up, he thought, judging by the way she had actually squirted. Looking at his wife all flustered, splayed on their bed, it made his cock even harder.

"Dammit, Sarah, you're so freaking sexy," he whispered, divesting himself of his boxers to release the rampant erection that was trapped inside.

A breathless Sarah grinned at him and reached for his dick, slowly pumping it. The diamond on her wedding ring sparkling. "C'mon, then," she motioned at him to come closer with her index finger. "Let's give our room the christening it deserves."

He returned her smile. "Mmm, great minds think alike."

The blue-eyed brunette then pulled her husband onto the mattress with her and he lied down on it. She swung her legs over his crotch and grasped his erection, lining it up with her soaked pussy. "Oh my Gooooood!” the feeling of Duke's long shaft sliding to the hilt in her love tunnel would never get old.

“Holy shit,” Duke whispered, closing his eyes in pleasure at the sensation of Sarah’s warm, velvety cunt snugly wrapped around his dick. The hazel-eyed man doubted anything could compare to that feeling. Damn, she feels so good and tight even after five years of doing this! Without thinking properly, he pulled himself almost all the way out before thrusting hard again, causing the dark-haired woman to scream loudly.

“Fuck! You're so big, Duke!” she moaned.

Duke grinned and stroked her legs as he began to pick up the pace in his upward thrusting, cutting out her protests. “Funny,” he actually chuckled. “I love hearing you say that."

Sarah smirked evilly down at him before pulling the t-shirt over her head and tossing it aside, leaving both of them completely naked. “Well, I love feeling this inside me,” she gyrated her hips and began bouncing on top of him.

He threw her a wolfish grin and reached up to cup her tits, pink nipples grazing against his palms. "Then ride my cock, Sarah, get yourself off on it."

The brunette grinned in response. “Fuck, oh, yeesss!” she briefly closed her eyes and hissed in pleasure, his dick hitting a particularly nice spot. Duke always knew the pace she liked to ride him. "Yes, fuck meee!"

The enraptured look on her gorgeous features was all it took for Duke to lose a bit of his control. He narrowed his eyes and, grasping her tightly by the waist, abruptly moved to a sitting position, causing her to scramble to wrap her arms around his neck. “Whoa! A bit enthusiastic, aren't we, Mr. Adams?" she teased him.

“Well, you asked for it, Mrs. Adams,” he said, his hands sliding down to cup her firm, juicy ass. Freaking hell, how can someone be so fucking hot? Duke asked himself, holding her rump in place as his hips began pistoning up into her dripping fuck hole.

Sarah moaned loudly at the sensation. “Oh, yeah! Give it to me, then!” she demanded, throwing her head back in pleasure, an action which exposed the column of her neck to him. Duke didn’t waste the opportunity and latched his lips onto it, nipping at her fair skin. She helped his movements by bouncing on his lap to meet his thrusts. Needless to say, his dick was hitting all the right spots inside her. “You’re so fucking big, Duke! C’mon, fuck me!”

Duke grinned against her neck, her wanton moans only spurring him on to pound her harder. He made his wife lean back so he could hold her back and watch her face as he began quickening his thrusts. She planted her hands on the mattress and leaned back even further so he could have a better view as she rode his cock. “C’mon, honey, don’t drop the ball on me now!”

His eyes widened at the mesmerizing sight of her D-cup tits bouncing on her chest, completely bare to his viewing pleasure. Duke stifled the urge to groan, wondering for the millionth time how Sarah could make him so horny as the last of his control escaped him. He kept one hand on her ass and slid the other up to her back as he swiftly leaned forward to place the brunette on her back on the bed. They exchanged an intense stare before Duke grabbed her legs and resumed his thrusting movements. “Oh, yeah,” he grunted, feeling his cock sliding in and out of her velvety, hot pussy. It won’t be long now.

“Fuck!” Sarah screamed, beginning to feel her climax getting near as well. “Yes, Duke! Fuck me with that big dick! I love youuu!” she demanded, his invading shaft pounding her as a wet finger started rubbing her clit, adding to the sensation. “Oh, shit!”

"Oh, God! I love you toooo!” Duke roared, the vice-like grip of her walls around his shaft enough to send him over the edge. He pumped her a few more times and his vision went white. “Yeaaaahh!” he grunted, ropes of cum firing from his cock all the way up into her pussy. The feeling of his warm sperm shooting into her brought Sarah to her climax too.

“Oh, fuuuuck!” she screamed in pleasure, closing her eyes as her orgasm seized her body and spread to every one of her limbs. The shockwaves traveling within her were so intense that her pussy squirted a little again as she let out a long moan of pleasure.

Duke collapsed on top of her, his face nuzzling into her neck. “Awesome!”

Sarah laughed. “You can say that again,” she weakly replied, basking in the afterglow of one of her strongest orgasms ever. "That's what I'd call an amazing welcome fuck."

He laughed at her joke before the young couple quickly fell asleep on each other's loving arms. The next day would be their first full one in the new house. Hopefully the first of many ones to come in this new chapter in their lives.

What happens next?

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