Who needs self-control when you have full control?

Chapter 1 by ComteCheese ComteCheese

This will deal with a type of mind control fetish I'd like to call 'anti-social mind control', or 'patheticism'; more than just the depravity or eroticism of sexual desire in a functional, yet still conventional, construct, this is one that feeds on a desperation of power and control which is generally considered incompatible, minor, and superficial/non-erotic within other sexual or asexual fixations, but technically present in all of them. In other words, when taken separately, its anti-social aspect is firstly based on the fetishism of, among other things, irresponsibility, influence, and manipulating the state of the proper and authority as pertaining to the "desperation of the ego", including the repressed perversions previously held captive by social pressures. Thus, this will predominantly be a social/control-dependent obsession, as opposed to a disciplined sex-driven one. The second aspect of this is patheticism, which is reliant on the context of a prim, implicit, mostly asexual world juxtaposed against the perverted needs of the amateur, or sexually detached, main character/hero/heroine. Thus, this character is "pathetic" on a sexual and social level, and feeds on both the attributes of his patheticism and the realization of such qualities, through mind control or otherwise, in other people and systems. This manifests itself accordingly -- by getting off on things that, typically, are social trifles and trivialities by most others' definition, but in the "pathetic eye", (which is also rooted in a sort of sexual pre-/immaturity and underdeveloped sexual application, the kind seen in naive young virgins with a proclivity for 'creepiness' or obsession and more hormones than they know what to do with), is hot and intoxicating.

This will comprise of, but not be limited to:

  • Being excused for wrongdoings/crimes, even when others are apprehended.
  • Being given special treatment.
  • Little changes in people, such as favorite colors, the shirt they have on, the words they speak, the gestures they make, small quirks, and other characteristics.
  • Microsocial tweaks, either widely distributed or individually (e.g. having a person pat their behind twice while conversing, subtle physical strokes across their body, bawking like a chicken whenever saying goodbye, etc.)
  • Irony (e.g. someone in a position of control not actually being in control, a musician suddenly hating music, an officer acting unlawful, etc.)
  • Contradictions, both to your benefit or disadvantage (e.g. logical disconnects, manipulated rationales, rationalizations that don't make sense but are compelled and internalized as a result of the influencer, see first point above)
  • Alterations of any kind, not just sexual ones, granted they're all-powerful and/or distinctly geared towards refashioning social perception (e.g. changing how a person is, changing how people behave on a global scale, changing what job somebody has, etc.).
  • Alterations to the human body that represent idealizations of the influencer (e.g. perkier breasts, pregnant bellies, improved posture, etc.)
  • Being judged positively and amicably no matter what the influencer does, displays, or expresses. (Likewise, being judged negatively no matter what the influencer does.)
  • Making others act out-of-character with full acceptance.
  • Making social and financial exchanges rigged to the benefit of the influencer, ie a "profit blanket" (e.g. having a cashier buy the influencer's goods for them, or having them give more money afterward as a natural part of the transaction, having the ability to pay with a blowjob from the affected to the influencer, having the hurting, degradation, affronting, or free usage of someone be seen as profiting that person while costing the influencer, etc.)
  • Corruption (note that this is why the influencer can still get off on being dominated, neglected, or both -- as long as they are or something else is the cause of the change, the more depraved and large the change, the more potent the stimulation, e.g. turning college faculty into people who wish to sexually use and abuse the influencer daily, having a charitable community leader become violent or coarse including towards the influencer, etc.)

It is important to note that sex as a result is not the main priority or predominant objective here, though there can be plenty of it depending on the nature of the story. Instead, sex is a means of channeling the eroticism of feeling important/influential/powerful along with highlighting the contrast of the familiar and accepted being placed before the alien and out-of-character. Like everything else, sex is only a part of the picture, but mind control is the prevailing constant that persists beginning, middle, and end, hence its state as the paramount fetish.

Typically, this is also more commonly characterized by immediate/seamless triggers, like that of an all-powerful entity or force, that cultivate an environment of universal control and quick, flexible results, as opposed to flashy, zombie-fying, or progressive inductions.

Subsequently, another key element is that of obliviousness within the affected, which cements the idea of "getting away" with things without ramification or 'unwarranted' abuse -- the likes of non-consent or forced sex are typically averse to this idea, since in patheticism the need to dominate is less about being physically superior than it is about covertly bringing everyone to the level of the said "dominator". Anti-resistance and accommodation of the influencer's whims, particularly when unaware, form much of this mind control type's appeal.

Such an idea is built on the fact that "everything, when under the umbrella of mind control/reality adjustment/supernatural perversion and corruption, is erotically satisfying", from which the core tenet of Desperado is derived. The full realization of this, comprising of the conjoined elements of both anti-social mind control and patheticism alike, is something I'd like to call sociopatheticism. Though similar and partial to the sociopathic (aka "'pathic") category of mind control stories, this kind is not exclusive to that of an aggressive and ruthless narcissist; rather, though the heroes/heroines of sociopathetic stories can (and by nature, kind of do) bear strong narcissistic proclivities and large egos, the difference is in the type of things they do and want to do with the power, which can be much less severe and significant, instead finding the ability to simply change posters around a city or give an old VHS a different title enough to serve as an erotic climax -- hence the -'patheticism'; they are much more sensitive to the minutiae of their power to the point that things like sex are only a bonus, as the power trip alone is a source of pleasure, liberation, moral relief, and social disinhibition. In other words, though they can get off on sadistic, narcissistic power fantasies just as easily, their range is broader and starts at a much lower threshold. This is where both anti-social and "pathetic" properties of the fetish converge to create the "sociopathetic thrill" over otherwise secondary details, and what ordinarily might be considered as 'nothing' until inflated to a truly sociopathic or cold degree of gratification (e.g. emotionally manipulating others and receiving pleasure from said manipulation, acquiring satisfaction from deceptive and dishonest applications of the power, gaining joy from receiving things one never earned and deliberately does not deserve, gaining joy from being able to be immoral and lethargic and incompetent -- or even evil -- while suffering no consequence, and so on and so forth).

For more details, there will be an extra chapter below that will go over the implications, inspirations, and informal outlines behind the conceit.

But enough formalities. There is a story to tell. It is odd, yet old as wine. It is one of mind-bending legend, and starts in a lonely bedroom somewhere in the west valleys of USA -- where a young man is secretly ravenous and alone, and something, something inconceivable, is about to begin...

(And in this case, won't be diving headlong into the mind control aspects just yet; after an introductory build-up to lay the groundwork for the story, a second branch will be made with a more generally erotic focus. The first part should be mostly skippable at that point, but will be there for some exposition. All the best.)

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