Debbi's Sunbathing Mishap

Debbi's Sunbathing Mishap


Chapter 1 by enthusiast enthusiast

Author's note: an alternate take on the Debbiverse. The opening chapters previously published on another site but this will take a different route.

Debbi was delighted that the company had introduced flexitime. The English summer weather could never be relied upon from one day to the next and so it was excellent that when there was a hot day, she could take advantage of a half day off and go to laze in her back yard. She was 26 years old and had progressed to be a team leader for an IT company but her duties were not so onerous that she was prohibited from taking advantage of the same perks as her staff. She had been able to afford her own little semi detached house and her garden was fully secluded on one side and at the back. The other side could be viewed from her neighbors, which was why she liked the freedom of this flexitime, enabling her to sunbathe unobserved while the neighbors were at work. It was a freedom she could not exercise at the weekend when the couple and their 18 year old twin teenage sons were home.

But that was not the case on this Thursday afternoon. She was on her lounger, stretched out on her stomach, soaking up the rays. Debbi was half Italian and had those sultry Mediterranean looks which tanned easily. Her love of the sun must have been in her genes. She had a trim, petite frame with perky tits. She did not venture to go fully nude just in case of anything unexpected but she was topless. And the bikini bottoms she wore, while not a thong, did not leave much to the imagination. They were in that style where the sky blue material at front and back could slide along the waist band to bare as much as you dare and Debbi dared a lot ! She was dozing happily to the music in her head phones when suddenly she was disturbed by the heavy thud of something landing just by her right ear. She raised her head and turned it slightly to see a football rolling away from her. She heard a voice.

"Can we have our ball back Debbi ?" She turned her head in the other direction, trying to keep her tits shielded. It was the twins from next door, peering over the garden fence with big grins on their faces. "Oh, er, hello boys, sure thing" said the flustered Debbi, twisting to turn her naked back to them and pulling one arm across her chest. "Aren't you supposed to be at school ?" she asked. "The summer holidays have started" replied Darren, one of the twins. The other one was called Michael but Debbi struggled to tell them apart. "Oh, I didn't realize, I thought I had the place to myself" said Debbi, standing awkwardly and heading off to collect the football."Evidently" laughed Michael. God, how long had they been there ? How much had they seen, thought Debbi ? She was intent on covering her nipples but was acutely aware of how much else was on display. Facing away from them as she bent to pick up the ball, she knew that the covering on her ass was minimal.

Debbi managed to negotiate the tricky manoeuvre of turning to lob the ball back with one hand while still covering her tits with the other arm. "I guess I'd better go back inside" she said. "What ? No, not on our account" replied Darren. "Who knows how long the good weather will last ? We're just having a kickabout here, we won't bother you." The weather was beautiful and Debbi didn't want to waste the time she had taken off from work and would have to pay back. And they'd seen a lot already anyway. No harm done really. "OK then, enjoy your game" she called as she stood facing them, wishing she had not pushed the material at the front of the bikini bottoms into such a narrow covering but thankful that she had shaved down there.

What's next?

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