DC Legends of Tomorrow: Encountering the Son of Thawne

DC Legends of Tomorrow: Encountering the Son of Thawne

Thawne + ????????

Chapter 1 by Ragnockae136 Ragnockae136


John was in the Year 1970 he was there in seardh of his Father Eobard Thawne, also known as the Reverse-Flash. John left years ago in search of his Father, traveling through Time with the Permission of the Speed Force no less, hoping to redeem his Father. Like His Father, John had become a Speedster through Artificial Means, which therefore gave his Lightning a Distinctive Red Hue to it, and despite the Speed Force offering to grant him a Natural Connection to it, he declined opting to prove himself worthy of it By Either Convincing his Father to stop his Crimes against Time and retire or by bringing him to Justice.

He was here in the 70's because he had picked up A disturbance in the Time Stream. He found himself in a Bar where he found a Group of People, clearly not feom this Era, but he decided to get to know the Female of the three better first So when one of them went to Stab her from behind after the Brawl that had started only moments ago had ended, he tossed the Guy through the nearby Bar. ''Now is that any sort or way to treat a Lady?'' Asks John as he quickly Takes his Seat again, ordering some Wine.

And the Girl he saved went and sat down in front of him. ''You didn't have to help me you know?'' Says the Blonde. ''I know, I just didn't want to leave fellow Time-Travelers out to dry. Names John, I come from the Year 2046 on Earth-1, and I'm a Reserve Member of the JLA. Currently I am trying to Find my father, a fellow Time-Traveler, and yet there is one critical difference between him and I. I am not a Criminal, my Father is a Evil Villain, but also a Loving Father, it is my Hope that the Latter Qaulity is more prominent than the former.'' Says John. ''A worthy aspiration, I'm Sara Lance, part of the Waverider Crew, and the Legends of Tomorrow.'' Says Sara as she props her Head up with her hands, and her fingers interlocked.

As the two of them gaze into each others eyes, they both felt the attraction but were seemingly unsure whether or not to act on it, until.................

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