Curse of the Succubus

Preface Notes

Chapter 1 by Onefang74 Onefang74

Preface Notes

This is a fanfiction of a erotic comic parody called the “Curse of the Succubus” by the artist known as Lemonfont. I wanted to continue the story idea Lemonfont started especially since I think it may have been a one-shot commission piece. I am unsure where the artist was starting the comic at in the universe. I am however, starting this story on the presumption that it is at the point Wanda Maximoff had her breakdown and decided to alter reality. In this alternate reality, Wanda decided to gain more power by searching for more scrolls. She of course came across one that made her into a succubus as Lemonfont intended. I am playing this up as Wanda released the spirit of a trapped Succubus that initially tries to possess her but ends up blending with her.

In this world, the vision was never recreated when he was destroyed. Professor X died. Magneto runs Genosha and Pietro is a prince. Those familiar with the marvel comics universe may recognize this as the beginning of the House of M series. At least as far as characters are concerned. The factions do not have to follow along the House of M series as Wanda the Succubus was only really concerned about professor X stopping her and her family’s welfare in this story. As such, Magneto and Pietro should not be introduced until Wanda the Succubus has become very corrupted and power hungry. Initially, she will want them protected.

I plan to keep the super human males around and have the Scarlet’s witch’s original spell destroy normal human males and super heroes males with a low durability like Hawkeye and Coulson. The Scarlet Witch seeks the super intelligent scientists to help create a way to amplify her power significantly. Because of this desire, heroes and villains, even normal human males, with high intelligence survive. The spell Wanda the Succubus casts initially only effects earth in the 616 timeline. Other dimensions and other worlds in 616 remain unaffected by her spell.

Notes for the story are as follows. Lemonfont seemed to have the super succubi become multiple colors although normal human women seem to always become red. They have different style horns and a tail. They tend to become changed through magical sex. The comic appears to be taken place in the earth 616 universe starting with the avengers. The Scarlet Witch still has her original powers and more as Wanda the Succubus. The comic ends with the Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and four human females transformed and heading for the Avengers tower.

Feel free to add chapters as you see fit, but please keep to Marvel characters.

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