Curse You!

Hollywood s0tarlets learn not to mess with a certain gypsy the hard way

Chapter 1 by HanTrollo HanTrollo

Andrei Costache looked on in horror at the one bedroom apartment he'd been to rent in downtown LA. The walls were dingy, the carpet was stained, and all in all, it looked like a slightly refurbished crack den. He'd been to leave his northern California home due to some shady real estate deals in his area.

Andrei was a proud, gypsy man and he abhorred the thought of living in this city of debauchery.

But, he'd found work at a local book store just outside of Hollywood, and he was determined to make the best of it.

He just wanted to have a nice, quiet life and be left alone.

Unfortunately for Andrei, he was about to learn that Hollywood would never let him have a quiet, solitary life.

Who does he run into first?

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