Coeur Brise (Broken Heart)

Coeur Brise (Broken Heart)

Fighting to avenge my friend in Paris.

Chapter 1 by FredWeasleyLives1 FredWeasleyLives1

I really loved you.

Now you'll never know.

You'll only fade into the wind.

(Mariah Carey)

My name is Connie Adams and I am a platinum blonde with a very average build. I am not a whole person any longer. My best friend Kat was getting too close to something that had the potential to destroy Paris. Someone didn't like what Kat was digging into so that person not only murdered my best friend but that person also framed me.

Part of me feels that I am responsible for Kat's death. After I helped saved Paris from Vincent's Elixir Of Love scheme, I tried to start a lesbian relationship with Kat. She turned me down which drove a knife through my heart. I was so distraught by Kat's refusal that I ran off to all sorts of countries and did all sorts of odd jobs. One might say my life at that point was comparable to Forrest Gump running all over the United States when Jenny turned him down. If I had stayed in Paris, I might have been able to see what was going on sooner and protect Kat. There is another reason why I blame myself for my friend's death. Just before Kat's death, she told me that she was going to meet someone. I offered to go with my buddy, but she turned me away. I should have put my foot down and refused to let my pal go off alone. I know that would have only created a rift between us. I should have followed her covertly. Did I do either of those things? No! What did I do? I went on a stupid sightseeing trip! When I got home, I found Kat dead on the couch which made me feel like the ground had opened up and swallowed me whole.

There is only one thing that I feel that I can do about all of this. Most people would think that I should bring the killer to justice, but I am not going to do that. I want the killer to suffer. I want the killer to pay. When I feel that the murderer has paid enough, I will end that wretched and putrid existence forever. I hope that I will be able to do the deed with my bare hands. I know that might ruin my life and cause me to spend the rest of it behind bars, but I just do not care what happens to me anymore. Soon the killer will face someone who has nothing left to lose.

One interesting person that I have met while trying to solve this case is called Noor. Sometimes I think of her as a friend and sometimes I think of her as a suspect. Either way, I find her very captivating. That woman with short dark hair is well endowed upstairs and is slightly taller than I am. Probably the most interesting thing about Noor is that she has several tattoos. Normally I find tattoos on a woman a real turnoff, but somehow they seem to make Noor look hotter. I really can't understand why I feel that way about her tats. I don't really think that this particular woman killed Kat, but I do think that she knows something helpful to my case. Because of that, I have wrangled an invitation to Noor's apartment. Even if I don't find out anything, I still won't find this trip a total loss because I find this wild woman fun to be around.

I am climbing the steps to her apartment which happens to be in a dingy neighborhood when I encounter a major problem. My eyes are starting to water and my legs become weak so I sit on the steps with my hands over my eyes. A deluge of tears is pouring from my eyes which is making me feel like a two year old. The weird thing about this is that it has been a few days since I found Kat dead on the couch and I hadn't cried a single tear for her up until now. I have just figured out why. I was in shock. To my right, I almost think I can see a ghostly version of my best friend sitting on the steps and crying with me. I am not only crying but I am shouting one desperate plea to the whole world.

"WHY, KAT?! WHY?!"

All of a sudden, I feel a very real arm wrap around my shoulders. I look over and I see a tattooed hand on my left shoulder so I know that Noor is with me. I am so grateful to have a real person with me that I reach over and squeeze her into my grasp. She rubs my back with her left hand and she fondles my shoulder length hair with her right hand. We sit there on the stoop for what seems like forever until my torrent of tears subsides a little. It is at that time when Noor invites me into her apartment which only seems to have two rooms and a stairway going up to who knows where. I now feel so wiped out that I think I could collapse on the floor at any moment.

"May I crash here tonight?" I ask my sometimes friend. "I don't want to be by myself."

"Okay," Noor agreed while fishing out a pink nightgown with a white ribbon from her dresser. "You can wear this if you want."

Since I have absolutely no energy left to ask any questions, I go into into the bathroom to change. I strip off all of my clothes and put on the nightgown. Just when I am about to leave the bathroom, I feel a blinding surge of anger so I rush to the sink just so I can pick up glass bottles and throw them. Each time I throw something the words "MY FAULT!" erupt from my mouth. The second bottle that I throw is a perfume bottle that I throw so hard that I wind up sending it through the mirror of the medicine cabinet. That is when I hear the door banging open just as I throw a third bottle.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Noor blurts out while rushing to stop me from throwing a fourth bottle.

As I start crying again, Noor practically drags me out of the bathroom and has me sit on her bed. I don't think that I will ever stop crying. I feel my friend for the night wrap her arms around me and squeeze.

"Is there anything I can do?" Noor asks.

I know that there are no quick fixes in life, but I want to do something or even take something that will deaden my pain for one night because my tears are starting to make me feel weak even though I know that it is no sin to cry especially when you lose one of the people you care about most. I try to think of something I can do that will let me forget what happened for one night. I look at Noor and I get an idea of something that I can do to lessen my pain and even have a little bit of fun on the side. Ordinarially, I wouldn't even think of doing something like this since I barely know the woman hugging me, but the part of my brain that is charge of thinking has completely shut down at the moment.

"Please let go of me for a second," I request in between sobs.

"Now what? Noor questions while putting her hands on the bed.

I might hate myself in the morning for doing this, but I just don't care right now. I yank off the nightgown I am wearing over my head and throw it on the floor which puts my entire birthday suit on display for Noor. I put out a desparate plea to her.

"Help me!"

"Okay, I'll help you," Noor responds while taking off her black vest and throwing it on the floor. "Is there a specific way that you want me to help you?"

"I want you to help me to forget what happened to Kat for one night," I explain as two more tears run down my face. "Hell, I want you to help me to forget my own name."

My gal pal nods in understanding as she unbuttons her white shirt. As soon as the shirt hits the floor, I discover that the vixen is not wearing a bra since her beautiful orbs are now fully visible. I cannot control myself any longer so I quickly move in and start sucking on her left breast.

"Hey, slow down!" Noor protests while prying me off of her breast. "You don't want to rush through this. Trust me. Good sex starts out slow and sneaks up on you."

I simply nod my head since I know that the woman in front of me has had a lot more experience in these matters than I have had. Noor slips off her shoes and then pulls down her pants to show me that she isn't wearing panties. Now we are both sitting on her bed completely naked and I am willing to let this sexy witch do whatever she wants to me as long as she can take my poor scarred mind off of my problems until I fall asleep. Noor ponders how to begin as I notice that she has a healthy growth of pubic hair around her vagina while mine is completely shaved. This does not surprise me since I know how wild my current love partner is. She leers at me once she decides how to begin.

"Medicine like this works best if you take it in an unexpected way," my lover suggests.

"What do you mean?" I wonder out loud with wide open eyes.

Noor opens the top drawer and rifles through it for a second. She retrieves a black satchel from the drawer and then walks towards the staircase.

"Follow me," my temporary nurse insists.

I do as I am told and start climbing the stairs behind the mysterious woman because I know that I am powerless to resist whatever wild games she has in store for me. She gets to the top of stairs and opens a door which leads to a flat roof. As I enter behind my doctor, I deriously notice that there several neighboring buildings with windows that would give anyone inside a clear line of sight of Noor sharing lesbian sex with me. My mind is so messed up at the moment that I don't care. I want to take my physician's medicine regardless of what it costs me. The temptress leads me to a red couch and has me lay down on it.

Noor sets her black bag down and advances towards me which causes my heart to beat at least three times faster than it usually does. My temporary caregiver lifts up my left leg and starts sucking on my big toe. I can tell that the medicine is starting to work already because I am not thinking about Kat as much. Soon the doctor gives the same treatment to each one of my ten toes causing me to moan a little.

"So you like that, do you?" Noor asks me with a lewd grin.

She continues by raining kisses all the way up my right leg as my breath quickens in anticipation.

"Thank you," I put out with what little voice I can muster.

"You're welcome," Noor responds while nodding at me.

She then proceeds to cover my left leg with kisses. She makes a move towards my belly button when she finishes my legs. My lover licks it at first and then kisses it repeatedly. This is driving me crazy because Noor is only inches from where I want her to be. The minx puts her hands on the sides of both of my breasts and suckles my right nipple. I wrap my left arm around the fireball's head to encourage her to amp up the pressure.


After quite a few minutes, Noor puts my legs over her shoulders and lifts me up slightly. This is when the crazy doctor does what I have been waiting for all this time. She starts eating me out. It has been a while since a tear has left my eyes. I show Noor my gratitude by screaming and grasping onto her hair. My screaming gets louder and louder. Then, a city leveling earthquake hits me.

"AH! I'M BREAKING UP!" I cry out while my lover drinks my fluids.

"Close your eyes while I get ready for the next part of your treatment," my physician instructs me while lowering me back to the couch.

I close my eyes and wonder what could possibly be in store for me next. I am also wondering if I am strong enough to take it. Noor tells me to open my eyes after a few seconds and I see her wearing a pink strap-on dick. She begins to insert her toy into my pussy and I wrap my arms around my caregiver. Noor meets some resistance at first and then steals my virginity which causes me to holler out in pain and scratch my nurse's back. I look down and I see a trickle of blood run down my leg. My special gal pal pumps me slowly at first and then drills me. I can't stop screaming at this point. It isn't long before I have an orgasm even more severe than the first which causes my eyes to roll back into my head.


It takes at least a minute for my heart to recover. I must admit that I cannot stand to take anymore medicine.

"No more... I surrender..."

Noor puts her special toy back into the bag and then helps me up.

"Are you okay?" Noor asks me while supporting me by placing me by placing her right arm around my back.

"I think so," I sigh.

"Look, I know how badly that you want to catch Kat's killer, but I really think you should take a day off," the doctor prescribes me.

"I can't..." I start to argue.

"If you get involved with these maniacs and you're head isn't in the game, you will only get yourself killed," Noor interrupts me. "I know that I haven't known you for very long, but the first time I saw you, I was impressed by the beautiful spark in your eyes. That spark is disappearing. I don't want that to happen. Don't you have a tough friend that can help whip you into shape?"

"Okay, I give," I respond with my hands raised in surrender.

"Good, then let's get some sleep," Noor insists while helping me to her bed.

Which friend do I see?

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