Chronicles of Yax

Chronicles of Yax

A Codex Of Lustful Legends

Chapter 1 by Crustaceans01 Crustaceans01

In the world of Yax, on the continent of Prima, all men live in the ruins of an ancient civilization. The ancient Yrkai, possessed of deep, arcane magicks and powerful technology, vanished mysteriously seven thousand years ago. Since then, city-states have turned into kingdoms, kingdoms into empires, and empires into ashes. Civilization has never surpassed the power and learning of the Yrkai, who ruled all of Prima in their time. In their place are dozens, hundreds of kingdoms, duchies, fiefdoms, city-states, merchant confederacies, ecclesiastical realms governed by priests, and stretches of steppeland ruled by terrible Witch-Kings.

On the northeastern coast of Prima, there is the pious realm of Solaria, ruled by the great church of the sun-god Sol. Beleaguered and under siege, the Church of Sol endures relentless attacks from the seafaring Somai of the north and the Chono raiders of the western steppes further inland. Despite the constant attacks, however, the Church of Sol soldiers on, driven by the ceaseless labor of the faithful and by the religion that unites Solaria indissolubly. Driven and united by their faith, the Solarians, both laypeople and clergy, endure against odds that would grind lesser kingdoms into the dust. Their capital is in Solopolis, where one can find the Great Monastery of Sol.

Northeast, off the coast and across a strait, is the territory of the Somai. These seafaring raiders are fierce, seven feet tall, and all seem to be women. Their territory includes a huge archipelago and some desolate lands in the far North, where they go to worship their Goddess of the Hunt, Mahtres. The Somai are proud, fierce, independent, and skilled in the ways of spell and sword. They have no central government, only a communal meeting known as the Thieng. A given Thieng only governs one small community at a time. The Somai rarely fight one another, except over territory disputes, preferring to raid the soft cities of the mainland. Their whole archipelago is dotted with Yrkai ruins, whose artifacts and temples the Somai have slowly begun to exploit...

A hundred leagues south of the Great Monastery of Sol, just outside the boundaries of Solaria, is an enormous forest. Separated from the western steppes by a mountain chain that runs west from Solaria, the Ageless Vale is the largest forest on Prima. Nearer to the coast are some villages of humans. Some of these villages have a strain of beast-lineage and worship a particular totem. These villages can be full of cat-people or rabbit-people or fox-people, with fuzzy ears and a tail according to their totem. Some villages lack a totem and are unaware of the beast-spirits, but still see the occasional beast-person, without understanding why. Further to the west, deeper in the forest, there are the Elves. All female, these creatures are mysterious, and little is known of them to outsiders.

In the far south are the Badlands, arid and rocky and full of serpents and fantastic beasts. The skeletons of dead dragons can be seen jutting out of the ground. Here and there are oases. The nomads who dwell there call themselves the Mustaqima, or "the straight", and they call all foreigners the Multawia, or "the crooked". They are distant relatives of the Somai, olive-skinned women of great size. Their caravans often reach the northern kingdoms, where they trade exotic goods and occasionally take a male captive – this is their preferred means of finding a spouse.

Even further south are the endless jungles of Albariya, inhabited by the brutal Orc tribes. The Orc chieftains often clash with the Mustaqima, who slip into the jungles to poach exotic spices and furs that the Orcs consider to be their own property. The Orc chieftain, Nnukwu, is an ancient king who has rained for well over five hundred years. He was the one who spread among the Orcs the notion that the whole of Albariya is theirs from the great goddess, Nwaada Mara Mma, and that any who venture into the jungle are meat for Orcish axes.

Some tales of Yax have already been written in other places:

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Expect a lot of worldbuilding here. These stories will be more character-based, less one-shot smut. I'm doing this to build on pre-existing work that I've done. There will be chapters here, with each path being a different story in the world of Yax.

If this world and its amorous adventures intrigues you, then bookmark it! Soon, there will be many chapters here, detailing the exploits of various characters, and you'll learn all about the fascinating cultures and countries of Prima.

Whose story shall you hear?

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