Bimbo Tech, how it all started

Bimbo Tech, how it all started

This is tThis is the story of how a simple little company that became powerful Bimbo Tech. The company that makes the best out of women. Busty, willing, stupid bitches who can only think about fucking and do everything you tell them. Buy from Bimbo Tech

Chapter 1 by Colleem Colleem


While Fitz and Simmons were eager to and fro in their new lab, Coulson watched curiously as dozens of boxes were brought to the lab. It had long been clear to him that the two would one day be one of SHIELD's leading scientists. He had actively promoted the career of the two since they had come to the Academy a few years ago. Maybe one day they would have developed enough to get on an away team, but they weren't fit enough for that. They were only 19 years old and both were still very green behind their ears. Their area of expertise was dominated by the two like hardly anyone else before them, except for Stark or Banner, but they had no experience in the field. However, Fury had ennobled the two with the new order, so to speak. They had taken over the entire department responsible for HYDRA´s secret research. If one refrained from the Tesseract everything from Hydra´s secrets was now also in this office. The Tesseract, on the other hand, was certainly closed and few even knew of its existence. However, there were more important things for him now. It was said that Cpt America had been recovered alive and for nothing in the world he would let the moment spoil to see his great idol.

"Fitz, Simmons! I'll leave you two alone. Let your team in on this and get to work. The director expects results!" He smiled at the two of them and immediately wanted to say thank you for this honour.

"Sir! Is it true he's back?"

"Who are you talking about, Fitz?"

"Na Captain America! They say he's still alive?"

"I'm sorry, my boy. This is security level seven. You know how it goes."

"Yes, sir. Just know you really need it!" Simmons smiled shyly and waited until he was gone. "I think it's true! I was looking at the records on the super-soldier serum. Theoretically it would be possible that the blood of Captain America changes in viscosity under certain circumstances and takes on the properties of an antifreeze. What do you think?" She smiled at Fitz who was eagerly putting up some boxes.

"I think we should go after Jemma. This is our big chance! We can't screw this up. Besides, I think Fury is just looking for an antipole to the League of the Just."

"Why an opposite pole? The league's on our side, right?" Jemma asked while helping to label different files and old floppy disks or magnetic tapes.

"On our side? They have their own space station and all have superpowers! I'm sure Director Fury doesn't like it at all. Especially since they don't want to subordinate themselves to SHIELD, but fight for a higher goal."

"Oh, nonsense, Fitz! You have saved the world countless times! And then there's Stark in his armor! And don't forget it's the powers that make the world a better place! It's us!" She smiled softly and brought a smile to the otherwise so prudent Fitz.

"Right! Only through science and research can we save humanity! So what do we have here?"

9 hours later, shortly after 3 a.m., they were sitting on the floor with some empty pizza boxes and had carried out an initial analysis of the documents. So far they had only catalogued everything to get an overview of it all. From weapons of mass destruction to completely obscure techniques. Even though the documents were almost 50 years old, one could just start with Hydra's secret missions.

"Look at this, Jemma! A plan for a particle weapon! 60 years ago! If Hydra had had the technology of today, the war would have been over in minutes. They were decades ahead of their time! "We don't even have any of that stuff today!" Smiled as Simmons read a file looking more worried. "Jemma? Is everything all right?" He then asked.

"This is a report of a biological weapon based on anthrax. It's been heavily modified. It's just cruel! We have to stop this! It's best if we burn this!"

"No! Let's not do this!" Fitz replied immediately and reaped an astonished look.

"Think about Jemma. We need these things to make remedies. Eventually a madman like the Red Skull may want to turn up and produce something like this again. And then it's our fault if we don't act now. Knowledge is never dangerous!" He started the sentence and Jemma immediately finished him in a better mood.

"It's just the way it's handled. You're right as usual!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked insulted and Jemma waved an empty pizza box.

"Who said four pizzas is enough?"

They both laughed and then went to bed. The next days passed so that they inaugurated their new team and were real department heads for the first time in their young time. These were fascinating weeks which were exhausting and strenuous. When Fitz came into Jemma's room one evening, he saw her sitting by the bed with some documents.

"Jemma? Quitting time?" He asked and smiled while she just nodded.

"It's more of a hobby project. This is what I took from the project infiltrator. Do you remember?"

"That crazy mind control project? Why?"

"I took a look at that. Basically, the plan was to create some kind of deep hypnosis and then implant a new personality. The idea was to create sleepers who don't even know they're sleepers. But if you change the program, you could use it as a relaxation technique."

"Jemma! That's Hydra technology! You're not serious, are you?"

"Yes! Here, look at this! I have removed all the voice-controlled commands and only let this color sequence continue. I've studied the effects and checked the data four times. I wanted you to look over it again just to make sure I didn't miss a technical aspect. Come on! We both work around the clock and can hardly get to sleep. I thought, if we could use something to relax?"

"Mhm. Okay, Jemma! I'll check it out tomorrow! But now it's time for the new Star Trek movie!"

After a few days, Jemma and Fitz had put Hydra's technique through its paces and even got permission to test it on humans. As predicted by them, without any verbal commands, the technique did not affect the deeper consciousness and only put man into a trance-like state. Under controlled conditions, an increase in performance could then be detected by the technology. However, any kind of thought control technique was quickly put on the Red List by Fury, making further research in this direction impossible. However, Jemma and Fitz had made themselves a small independently functioning device with which they could fall asleep faster after a long day. The technology worked perfectly and without the slightest side effect. Thanks to this method, the two were able to significantly optimize their REM sleep and to dive much faster, which of course significantly reduced their regeneration phases.

It didn't take long before the two of them curiously started experimenting and to their horror had to realize that the mind within this state was frighteningly open to foreign influences. So Jemma could not resist and funneled Fitz a craving for tuna, which he actually hated abyssally. However, he could not resist the urge to eat it. Even though they were fully aware of the danger of this technique, they were just as careful and did not exaggerate it in any way. Also the trust between them was so great that they would never abuse it. Except for minor tuna attacks as Jemma pointed out over and over again.

However, there was also a young colleague in her team who, although extremely brilliant, suffered from extreme sleep disorders. A childhood trauma she had suffered and that had affected her entire future. However, as she was extremely important to the team, Fitz and Simmons took it upon themselves to help her with this problem. They let them in on their little secret after they had gone to Coulson in repentance to tell him about their side project. He took a week to put the whole thing through its paces, but found no negative effects in the use of the technique. And since good scientists were rare, he agreed to develop a system for the woman at home. After all, the scientist had a high security clearance and was completely devoted to SHIELD.

Dr. Julia Anderson was extremely curious about the system installed in her house by Fitz and Simmons. If they were right, which was usually the case, as they unfortunately had to admit, she might be able to sleep through for the first time in 10 years. She was only an external employee for SHIELD, after all she ran a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, but still a long-time employee. Since she got her first doctorate in biology at the age of 14 and opened her own company at 19, it didn't take long for an organization like SHIELD to become aware of her. Even though her company did not have much influence and was still in the process of being formed, it was growing slowly but steadily. Specialized in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery, which were rather medical in nature, he had rather discovered a marginal niche for himself.

She generally refused to do cosmetic surgery for the sake of herself as she was an advocate of natural beauty, but there were always accident victims or the like suffering mental agony from her wounds.

Only a few weeks after receiving the system from Fitz and Simmons, she noticed a significant improvement. Her nightmares had gone back to a minimum and she could enjoy her life in a state never seen before. So she finally found the strength and the motivation to take much more care of her small company and could use some of the knowledge acquired at SHIELD here and there. It wasn't the time of too many superheroes or major disasters and the League of the Just, along with other heroes like the Fantastic Four or the mysterious X-Men, were always ready to fight and protect people.

However, she had unconsciously made sure that soon a huge danger would come to the world of superheroes. And that without her knowing a thing or two about it. She had retired from the SHIELD project a few weeks ago and was only at the academy a few days a week. Since the team around Fitz and Simmons consisted almost only as a permanent agent with an appropriate security clearance, their services were hardly necessary anymore. This, however, gave her the time to take more care of her small business. Just today she had just hired a new employee to take care of the public relations. His name was Fink and he was a young ambitious man as it seemed even if she didn't like the way he had talked to one of her employees when they felt unobserved. He seemed to have a rather one-sided image of women. She would keep an eye on him and, if necessary, release him should he behave inappropriately towards women.

But she'll take care of that in the next few weeks. She wanted to see how he was doing. During the interview he seemed extremely ambitious and also very capable in his ideas. She was hoping that her little company could expand a little with Mr. Fink.

Now that all her staff had left the house, she took it upon herself to relax a little and retired to her office. She had a small couch in her room and lay down before putting on her helmet. Almost immediately the diodes on the helmet started to glow and put her brain into a twilight state. Pre-programmed patterns have been activated to allow her a peaceful and deep restful sleep. And since she had never forgotten Fitz and Simmons' warning that in this state she would be susceptible to suggestions, she had always made sure that she was always alone.

As she slowly sank into the hypnotic trance she didn't notice how the door opened and her newest employee entered the room to ask something else.

What will Mr. Fink do when he see his new Boss in a deep Trance?

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