Bimbo House

Can the women beat the Bimbo House

Chapter 1 by daveport daveport

Greetings I am Jake Stallion and I welcome you to the premier episode of Bimbo House. This is a new program in which 10 women enter and are locked in the Bimbo House for 1 week. Every thing in the house except the food and drink is designed to turn the women into bi-sexual bimbos. Once a woman is a bimbo she will even try to turn the others into bimbos. At the end of the week one lucky man will get to go into the bimbo house and bring out any new bimbos. He will get to keep one for himself. This week we are sending in a group of sorority sisters from Delta Gama Pi at the local university.

Every room in the house including the bathrooms has multiple camera in it recording at all times. The only blind spots to these cameras is to actually be on the toilet. Also in the house this week there are 2 rooms that are the most likely to change these young intellectual women into bimbos than any other rooms. These rooms will change each week. The first of these rooms is the game room that has multiple sex toys that if used in a woman change her into a bimbo in seconds. The second is the shower in the master bath room that has water that has a bimbo chemical in it once it goes through an unseen filter. That means any sex toy play in the game room or shower in the master bathroom is all but certain to produce a bimbo.

Now lets meat the women.

Lucy a blonde freshman majoring in pre-med

Jessica a brunette junior majoring in political science

Kimberly a brunette freshmen majoring in computer engineering

Jenifer an African-American senior majoring in physics

Hana a Japanese-American sophomore majoring in physical therapy

Maria an Hispanic junior majoring in education

Alexandra and Eve twin redhead seniors both majoring in English planning on law school

Amanda a blonde junior majoring in chemistry and the treasure of the sorority

Finally Mary a Native-American senior majoring in history and the president of the sorority

All ten of these women have GPA's over 3.5 at this time

Ladies please enter the house and let me lock the door.

Who do we follow to start?

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