An Arranged Marriage

An Arranged Marriage

A Man Finds a Wife

Chapter 1 by Selim Selim

For many people the idea of marriage is either the end goal of a long and hard fought courtship or something to be avoided entirely, but for these people marriage remains a choice for them. However, for others marriage is something they are into, either it is for money, politics or one of millions of other reasons marriage is not a choice.

Many of these marriages both arranged and non-arranged will result in a long and happy marriage and for others it will only end in heart break and misery. This story however exists to tell both the wild and mundane stories of those who have ended up in an arranged marriage.

The Main Story will be put in a fictional universe where being married plays a much bigger role than it does in the current real world. All authors can fell free to use this universe in their own stories, but they do not strictly need to be in the same universe as the main path. Putting the stories in our real life or creating your fantasy, sci fi, etc universe is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.


  1. Keep the stories fictional and do not use real names.
  2. All stories must be focused on an arranged marriage but otherwise go wild
  3. Any taboos are allowed but keep it legal and within the CHYOA rules

Who is our protagonist?

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