Alien Invasion!!!!!!!

Chapter 1 by Trancendent Trancendent

For eons, mankind has looked to the sky and wondered that great question: are we alone?

Imagine then, if one day that question was answered, that we discovered beyond any shadow of a doubt that there was in fact intelligent life out there. Imagine, if you will, what they might be like. Would they be friendly? Would they have the secrets of the universe to share with us? Would they be benevolent, godlike, ushering in a new age of peace and advancement for the human race.

In a small town in middle America, where nothing much ever happens, and one day is much like the next, that question is about to be answered. They people of this world are about to discover that yes, we are not alone. And very soon, we will wish we were....

To the men manning radar control towers across the world, it looked like one more anomaly, a strange blip moving quickly across their screens. Surveillance satellites captured pictures of a small streak of fire shooting across the atmosphere. It was quickly written up, and written off, as a piece of space debris, burning up in the atmosphere.

But, of course, if they had managed to get a very close look, past the cloaking shields that obscured it’s true form, they would have discovered that what people thought was a meteorite was in fact disc shaped, perhaps a hundred yards across, and descending very rapidly. Down through the atmosphere it came, towards a large green area that upon close examination would be a corn field. Braking thrusters fired, and a massive roar filled the air. And several acres of corn were quickly incinerated by the blast.

A sign on a nearby road, reading HENDERSON, N.D. FIVE MILES was knocked over, as the giant saucer slowly settled down, crushing what few stalks still stood. A rumbling sound began, as clods of dirt were hurled up, the saucer sinking into the each, burying itself deep even as it still glowed red hot from reentry. IN a nearby field a herd of cows bellowed in terror at the sound.

And then everything fell silent again, the only sign of the vehicles passage being a cloud of dust in the night sky. They had arrived. And if THEY had their way, nothing would ever be the same again.

In the distance, a light turned on in the window of a farm house.....

Take me to your leader!!!!!

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