A board game

A board game

A board game that can end in different ways

Chapter 1 by Anonimus123 Anonimus123

Before you start playing, you need to clarify the rules of the game, right?

The game has a board with a long path full of squares and has a couple of dice. The squares have four different colors which are: white, pink, fuchsia and red. As well as there are cards of the same color as the squares. I think you get a little idea, don't you?

When rolling the dice, the player must advance the number of squares indicated by the dice. Once this is done, the player will need to take a card of the color of the square they have landed on and follow through on what it says. The color of the card will give a small idea of what the player will have to do.

White cards are just questions that must be answered by the player who is indicated. For example: Who was your first kiss? Tell Player Three. The pink cards are for challenges, and only indicate which player will set the challenge, and it has to be simple challenges. For example: eat this, get this hairstyle, drink that, etc. Fuchsia cards are couple challenges and are of the tender type, such as hugs, cuddles, etc. And the red ones are more risqué, like kissing x player so many times, leaving coupons, bites, taking off their clothes, etc.

However, at the end of the tour there is a black square, which is the last and there is also a single black card. What's in that letter? That's up to you.

The maximum number of players is up to four people, and each player must be assigned a number from one to four to identify them in the dares and questions.

And now that the rules are clear, we can get to the game.

Author's Note: You are free to write your own chapters with the characters you want.

Who finds the game?

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