A Marvel(ous) Experience

A Marvel(ous) Experience

The Adventures of a Marvel Agent

Chapter 1 by bobbobbobthethir bobbobbobthethir

You were intended to end evil, and was thus aptly codenamed "The Apotheosis", but you are more often called Lucius. With near God-like abilities, you are the result of many years of collaboration between the X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and others. You have few memories of your training- it appears that they wiped your memory every time they found out that you were going to go rogue, but you recall a glimpse of your full potential.

Hours of practicing against computer simulations have honed your skills to the point where you could challenge anyone and potentially win. However, you have been kept in isolation due to the fear that you would pick up bad habits and other "impure" things from them. As a result, the pent up sexual energy you have aches to be released, and you are desperate for one thing. Sex.

Having learned about all the Marvel heroes and heroines, you set out to find potential targets. Lounging in the air high above the Earth, you look down as you wonder about where you should go next. After all, the world is your oyster now.

WARNING: You can die in this story. So you'll probably reach some dead end unless you're cheating. Some threads are purposelessly left open for other people to adopt and write about. Thanks!

Also... Please contribute! Your work will be appreciated! Please. Free internets, cookies and stuff (not guaranteed)...

Where to now?

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