A Girls Afternoon:Ace's Sex Affair

Chapter 1 by aquoon736 aquoon736

Ace is a sexy young 18 year old bombshell in her Junior year of high school, and is the captain of the Cheer leading team. Your best friend Blair has been your friend since first grade. One day during school you had to take a piss, so she went to the girls room. When you were in one of the stalls pissing, you hear your best friend Blair moaning.

"Blair are you okay in there, you said."

"Yea. Nothings wrong I'm just having an orgasm, said Blair."

After Blair finally cleaned herself up we leave the bathroom together holding hands. Your so comfortable being with her that, you let your hand slide down holding her ass. Blair wets herself because you are holding her ass. But then again she always wets herself when shes with you. You think to yourself she has the softest & the best looking ass. Just as you were getting back to class the bell rings for you to go to gym.

Once gym class finally ends Blair & I go back inside to grab our books to leave. As we were leaving the school, I start to say something to her.

"Umm Blair; I know this may sound weird but why were you having an orgasm earlier, you said."

"This isn't the first one that I have had. The first one came when I was only nine years old. When I go home I have to stuff my wet panties in my mouth; so nobody hears my moaning when I cum from thinking about all the pleasure you can give me. I love how you make me feel like a dirty girl, said Blair."

"Holy Shit; Your one very naughty girl. But your my naughty friend who loves me. You say to yourself the way she makes you feel; you do feel like a naughty girl, you said."

What Happens Next?????

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