5 Rings

5 Rings

You come into possession of magic rings that give you great powers

Chapter 1 by keron keron

You sigh as you walk down the street, heading to your family's store. For four generations, your family had run one of the world's most prestigious auction houses. While there were many auction locations, there was also a storefront in downtown New York.

You had wanted to get away from the family business, majoring in journalism at Columbia. However, after your graduation, it had been tough to find an internship at a news outlet, let alone a job. Seven months had passed, and all you had written professionally was a restaurant review for a culinary magazine. Since your journalism career was going nowhere, your mother insisted that you help out with the family business. After all, you lived at home and your parents footed the bill for your credit cards.

You reach the storefront, and swipe your badge, unlocking the glass door. The store was not open to Joe Schmoe off the street. Customers were required to at least have an appointment to peruse the wares available for auction, or to pick up their acquisitions.

Janine, the receptionist greets you with a smile. "Good morning, John! Your father's expecting you. Just head back in."

"Thanks." You didn't mean to be curt, but you are dreading your first day here, and you know your father is not going to make it easy. As you walk pass Janine's desk, you turn around briefly to look at her. At 30, she was a pretty redhead who drew a very lean figure at 5'5. She dressed conservatively but you could tell that she was well-endowed.

You saw your reflection in the glass door, thinking that you're not a bad looking fellow yourself. While only at 5'7, you had boyish looks and worked out at the gym everyday. You wondered if Janine thought you were good looking.

You went into the back office, which is a lot larger than the reception area. Only your father is around. He is looking at a bowl on a table. You walk up to him, waiting for him to speak.

"What do you think?" he asks.

"It's a bowl. Not bad," you reply.

He scoffs, clearly annoyed.

"It's worth half a million dollars, at least. Hopefully you'll learn something while you're here. Here, take it in to the vault, along with these new arrivals," he pointed at some boxes on the floor. "I'm not sure what's in them, so open them and catalog the items. Be CAREFUL."

You grunt, and get to work.

In the vault, you unpack the boxes to find various items and artifacts. A scimitar, a vase, some old books. All boring stuff.

The last box contained 5 smaller boxes. They were numbered 1 to 5. There was also a note. It said:

"Here are 5 rings that have never been gathered together in the same place at the same time. Throughout history, each has given its wearer great power and helped them achieve great feats. To my knowledge, the most a person has possessed at one time is three. There might be more, but these 5 are the ones that we know of. The rings each imbue their wearer with unique powers.

Ring 1: Time. This allows you to stop time and operate out of it.

Ring 2: Teleportation. This allows you to freely move to any place instantaneously, but you need to be able to accurately visualize the destination.

Ring 3: Invisibility. This allows you to be invisible, including the clothes that you're wearing.

Ring 4: Strength. This gives you the strength of 100 men.

Ring 5: Mind control. This allows you to control the minds of others. They will do as you command.

Each ring is adorned with a stone. Touch the stone to use the ring's magic and it will glow. Touch it again to deactivate it."

What do you do next?

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