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Chapter 1 by TheActualFeastp TheActualFeastp

[so to be able to post on here, all's 18+, and humanoid.]



made this because I find more joy in giving my ideas of how a story flows, and mix.

point is, make your character(s), locations, ideas, whatever! and I'll gladly make a story out of it joyfully, but a warning: I love taking my sweet time.

but, it's made public cause it'd be a shame if I couldn't share the same joy with others, so feel free to not only wait for others to write a beauiful story, but write one for another, as well! personally I'm more maledom, and femsub kinda gal, so I hope others can pick up what I can't :).

need more of a personal touch? more.. private~ ;) ? DM me.


as for what you see, and how you're introduced is all up to you. in my eyes, ppl just spawn in like loggin into a video game, and begin going places, maybe exactly like if the internet was an actual place that you go to. Think of Rekt It Ralph? no matter, it's mostly connect in someway, or you just state your character and desired location, and just start there than appearing anywhere else beforehand.

either way, I'll try to keep it organized for the general populace. if enough desire it, I'll make a discord server for roleplaying proposes.


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if you've like this story, please share, and click that thumbs up, so others may enjoy too! afterall, if we stop the love now, we'll have to wait for who knows how long till someone steps up! much else to say, but who's asking?


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