"Short" N. Sweet

"Short" N. Sweet

Chapter 1 by Grumblebutt Grumblebutt

Your name is Nicholas Sweet. You're sometimes known as "Short" Sweet on account of your physique. In truth you're a couple inches shy of five feet tall and are unlikely to get any taller. In addition you're a little on the shrimpy side. You're scrawny, but somewhat athletic from a lot of running (usually to escape bullies and jerks who might like to pick on your shrimpy self.) There's only one part of you that's not short and skinny and that would be the part of you that you keep in your pants. Your genitalia would be statistically big enough to be in size-fetish pornography, but in comparison to your already small frame, it looks positively huge, and when erect the bulge at the front of your trousers is pretty much impossible to deny.

Your slightness of size is further emphasized by the world you live in. You don't know what happened, but something did and as things stand now, while the average height of males hasn't changed, the average height of females has increased a great deal. These days, average height for women is somewhere around 6'8" (give or take) and many women are even bigger than this. You've always been attracted very much to women both larger and more powerful than yourself, so living in such a world you find yourself constantly attracted.

This could lead to trouble if not for the fact that the women you know and hang out with tend to be quite gentle with you. True, they can tell at a glance how turned-on you get around them and most of them enjoy this fact, teasing you mercilessly with overt affection and flirtation, not like you really mind. Truth is, you enjoy it. The flirtation and affection has gotten kind of heavy from time to time, but that's as far as it's gotten yet.

Still, you've just turned eighteen (it's your birthday today as a matter of fact) and as you are likely to find, more than one lady you spend time with has plans to give you a very "special" birthday present.

Where will you find her?

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