"Black This Sorority"

"Black This Sorority"


Chapter 1 by bbc4lwg bbc4lwg

There was electricity in the air the night of the sorority pledge ceremony. The pledges were wearing identical off-the-shoulder pink dresses, while the sisters wore white. The pledges entered the candlelit room and were greeted by Jessica, the sorority president. 'Now comes the prayer, performed by Billie,' Jessica explained as the lone african member of the sorority stepped forward. 'Don't worry, she's not a witch doctor!' she laughed.

Billie Idoya winced at the racist slur, and at the stifled and not-so-stifled laughs among her sisters and even the pledges. Billie had always felt a little uncomfortable in this otherwise all-white sorority, but its long history had made it well funded and given her access to the sort of rich people who could help her in the future. But she recently discovered that the sorority had been forced to accept her for diversity or face decertification. She realized these snooty white girls were just using her blackness to get what they want. I hope they learn how it feels to get used, Billie thought.

So Billie told the pledges their duty was submission, when it came time for the prayer all the white girls kneeled and bowed their heads and Billie silently wished that they would all be used by and serve blacks. All of them, Jessica and her ruling clique, the sisters she once considered her 'friends', even the poor little pledges fresh from the farm or private school, would worship and be bred by big black cock. "Black this sorority" she whispered just as all the white girls said 'amen'.

Maybe it was magic brought on by the electrical storm outside or maybe it was karma, but things changed that night...

How did they change?

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